Top 10 Most Underrated Shinedown Songs

In the world of music and rock bands, the rock band SHINEDOWN has shone brightly. Based in Jacksonville, Florida the rock band was brought into existence by the singer Brent Smith in the year 2001. Shinedown songs fall under the genre of hard rock, alternative metal, and arena rock. The band’s first ever album was ‘leave a whisper’.

Shinedown songs have made a history of being the beats reaching the hard. It’s difficult to choose a favorite, and what’s more difficult is to choose the top 10 songs of Shinedown being overlooked.

10.  Breaking Inside.

The song from the album ‘the sound of madness’ brings some chill in the nerves with its melancholic and dramatic lyrics. Even though the lyrics and music of the song by Shinedown was a masterpiece, it couldn’t grab much attention of the audience, and remained underrated for a very long time, and continues to do so.

9. Misfits.

The song misfits belonging to the album called ‘a threat to survival’ goes like “They called us crazy ‘cause we never fit in, we’re misfits, misfits”. The song can easily be related to in this world of hypocrisy. However, the song couldn’t grab the lips of the audience for a long term and thus, remained unnoticed.

8. The crow and the butterfly.

The song comes from the album-The sound of madness. It has a brilliant solo guitar piece assisted by beautiful lyrics that go by-“Just like the crow chasing the butterfly
Dandelions lost in the summer sky
Cause when you and I were gettin’ high as outer space
I never thought you would slip away
I guess I was just a little too late…”

7. Fly from the inside.

The song from the album ‘Leave a whisper’ was released in the year 2003. What makes the song outshine the rest are the whispers of the lyrics in the very beginning of the song saying, “Is the weight of the world on my shoulders”. It begins with a different set of chords in the world of rock which gives it a distinct feel when compared to others. However, the song remains underrated.

6. I dare you.

The song ‘I dare you’ from the album ‘us and them’ is at brilliance when seen with the significance of the lyrics. It overpowers all the other aspects. It was released in the year 2005 and falls under the category of Hard rock. The song reiterates “I dare you to tell me…..”

5. Lost in the crowd.

The kind of song that is a ‘must listen on repeat’. Released in the year 2003, the song falls under the genre of Hard rock. ‘lost in the crowd’ is a song from the album ‘Leave a whisper’. The lyrics of the song are deep and moving. The first stanza ends with- “So it’s easier to not stay,
To not stay”

4. My name is wearing me out.

The song was released in the year 2012, in the album named ‘Amaryllis’. People who have been victims of bullying can deeply relate with this song as its words begin with~ “My name is worthless like you told me I once was;
My name is empty ’cause you drained away from the love
My name is searching since you stole my only soul
My name is hatred and the reasons we both know
Worthless empty searching hatred, who am I right now”

3. Beyond the sun.

The song is included in the album ‘us and them’ and was released in the year 2005. Beyond the Sun song is brilliant and has a very good Metallica vibe to it. The song ends on “We won’t need any wings to fly
A place beyond the sun”.
The song was written by Anthony C. However the song has a different beauty, it has remained unnoticed.

2. For my sake.

The song is a part of the album ‘Amaryllis’ and had been released in the year 2012. The lyrics of this song set a whole new level of brilliance. the song had been written by Dave Bassett and Brent Smith. Just like all other songs of the rock band, this song too falls under the genre of Hard rock. Even when the song has marvelous lyrics, it sadly has remained underrated for a very long time.

1. What a shame

The song ‘what a shame’ comes from the album ‘the sound of madness’. It had been released in the year 2008. The song gives a beautiful yet important message that one shouldn’t judge someone based on mere assumptions and thoughts. The song had made its place in the TOP10 list of the best songs, and yet it has been underrated.  This song begins with~ “What a shame, what a shame!
To judge a life that you can’t change”

This list gives all underrated songs performed by the great Shinedown, We prefer you to listen this songs one by one & tell us your experience!

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