Who is Aya Wolf? [Bio, Wiki, Net worth & other details]

Aya Wolf
Img source- IMDB

If Aya Wolf looks like a model, it’s because she is. Or was. Or maybe still is.

Hard to know for sure, because she’s gone relatively quiet on the media sites that she used to be frequently seen on. 

Aya Wolf is sometimes mistakenly described as a “Spanish actress”. That’s partially correct. She was actually born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in June of 2020 under the Libra sign. She currently makes her home in Barcelona, Spain. She’s 5’7” (which is actually relatively short for a professional model). She lists as among her hobbies “modeling and photography” on her IMBd entry, and she describes herself as “non-vegetarian”. Her current net worth is estimated to be between $800,000 and $1 million.

IMBd offers no other background information – for example, about her schooling, family, relationships. It does note in its “Trivia” section”, that Ayah is also known by the name “Mia”.

Aya Wolf – A Social Media Maven

In the past, Ayah has been very popular on social media sites such as Tumblr, the popular Blogspot that describes itself on its landing page as “filled with literally whatever”. An example of her contributions to the “whatever” that is Tumblr dates back nine years:  

 “ If today is bad yesterday was worse and tomorrow will be better ……………………..”  And yes, the quote included that many “ …..”’s.

At one point Aya Wolf had 30,000 Instagram followers, and she appeared on Youtube. 

Who is Mia?

As an actress, Aya Wolf starred in the movie “Mia” (2017), about which there is very little information on IMDb – or any other online source for that matter. Her IMDb listing provides a very limited description of the film’s contents, saying only, “Mia recounts her most intimate confessions, uncensored, in her first approach to a totally new world of domination and submission”. Make of that what you will.

But, since Wolf is listed as one of the movie’s writers, and she apparently is also known to some in her circle as “Mia”, it does beg the question: is the film at least partly autobiographical?

The answer comes from the film’s director and cinematographer, Oriol Colomar. He calls it a short documentary meant to reflect in a very open way the intimate relationship he has with Aya Wolf. It’s been called a “daring and brave project” by Spanish media. Think Fifty Shades of Grey – but a very deep shade of grey. Colomar says it was very freeing for both himself and Aya Wolf. He hopes that her character will be viewed with the empathy he feels it deserves.

Aya Wolf also had a non-speaking role in the 2017 short film “I’ll Never Forget the Last Time”. It’s a VERY short film – just four minutes long. It features Wolf, another young woman, and a buzzcut young man who grows increasingly agitated when he sees that Aya is more attracted to the other woman than she is to him.

The man finally gets the message and departs in a fit of pique. This leaves the two women to enjoy their companionship under a wash of green light. As the voiceover says, “love is indescribable”.

Wherever “Aya” ends and “Mia” begins, she’s only 28 years old – so she still has plenty of time to define herself as a model, actress, and human being.

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