How Tall is Nick Cannon?

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There seems to be some dispute as to the answer to this question. According to some sources, he’s 5’10”, while others claim he’s 6’1”. So the best way to answer the question “how tall is Nick Cannon?” is: nobody knows for sure.

Who is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is the former husband of Mariah Carey, whom he says he wanted to marry since age twelve. They met in 2005 at the Teen Choice Awards, where she was an honouree and he was a presenter. He was married to the pop superstar for eight years, and has two children with her. The couple is still close. He’s even dressed up as Prince Charming to “renew” his wedding vows at Disneyland.

Multi-Talented Entertainer

Cannon is multi-talented – a rapper, writer (Men in Black II), producer, and standup comedian. He hosted America’s Got Talent in 2009 and 2010.  He’s also an entrepreneur, partnering with RadioShack to market a line of headphones and speakers in 2016. 

Despite the ever-present scrutiny of social media, he says he loves his work, calling it a “vacation”. He claims to be just a kid at heart, and still can’t believe he gets paid to be creative and do what comes naturally. His motto: “stay true to who you are as an artist”.

Cannon says it’s his standup work that means the most to him, because it’s what opened the door to the entertainment world for him. He finds it a satisfying means of self-expression, and calls it “very therapeutic”.

How Tall is Nick Cannon Is An Important Question on The Masked Singer

Cannon, who was fired from his hosting job on The Masked Singer earlier this year for making anti-Semitic remarks, has since been reinstated after making a public apology. Much attention is paid to Cannon’s height on the show. 

The big reveal happens only after the contestant has attempted to guess who the mystery singer is. And that singer is well disguised – with both a mask, and flamboyant and deceptive costuming. When Nick stands next to the singer, contestants frequently use his height as a yardstick to guess the singer’s identity. 

But back to the original question: how tall is Nick Cannon? 

The ex-Mr. Mariah Carey and current host of The Masked Singer could be 5’10”, 6’1”, or anywhere in between. Only he (and maybe his tailor) know for sure.

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