About us

In the vast world of entertainment and media companies that churn out redundant and stale articles, 1stSlice is a breath of fresh air. An up and coming media venture, 1st Slice is consistent and committed to delivering freshly brewed and filtered content, hand picked to ensure relatability, and curated in a manner that’s easily digestible.

1st Slice’s website boasts of being easy to use and navigate. There is an abundance of categories to pick from, starting from necessities like news, to daily digestible like entertainment, lifestyle, business etc.

Get a dose of the health category to help you keep updated with the current fads in exercise, diets, or to familiarize yourself with different health problems and effective ways to tackle the same.

For those who binge and snort nothing but everything about technology, we have detailed articles on issues that pertain to changing notions in the field of technology, written with such finesse that even novices shall learn the art of the trade in technology.

What a lot of media ventures miss out on, when pandering to certain demographic, is that they may not have unflinchingly great categories like Humor. Fear not! With  the exponential rise in the demand for humor based content on social media and otherwise, 1st Slice has decided to pay heed to what the masses want, by providing an individual category for humour.