Jennifer Lamb Asks Fans to Pray for June Shannon (Mama June)

Shannon June’s (mama June) nemesis Jennifer Thompson (nee lamb) has taken to social media to ask for support and prayers for Mama June. She has pleaded her fans to keep June Shannon in their prayers after Mama June’s intervention’s dramatic failure.

Jennifer shared funny pictures of June Shannon, Gina (producer) and herself wherein June sticks her tongue out. She adds on the caption that says “This photo shows June’s fun personality”. Jennifer Lamb also clearly admitted that she and Mama June didn’t share relations very well, but even then she really cared for June and her family. She places a heartfelt request to her fans for providing June with moral, emotional and even spiritual support. “It has been a difficult time” Jennifer adds.

However, to call it just a difficult time would be an understatement. A crack cocaine arrest and failed intervention is just something that has a huge unknown galaxy residing beneath it. Jennifer also requested her fans to be kind in comments and surprisingly most of her fans adhered to her true request.

  • June Shannon was arrested for crack cocaine and her present boyfriend Geno Doak is suspected of domestic violence. Both June and Geno were arrested in March 2019 for felony drug possession.

A thousand requests of June’s children went in vain when June refused to go for any in-patient treatment. She reasoned the refusal with an excuse that she wouldn’t be able to ‘watch’ Geno if she got into treatment. Mama June was afraid that Geno might as well cheat on her as he had already been doing that.

When June’s daughter Honey boo boo(a 13-year-old kid) confronted her mother, she fell into tears while she convinced her mother to seek help and be with them. This merely made June egress the scene instead of being emotional. June admitted that she’s not ‘herself’ to her therapist and executive producer. She added that she wanted to kill herself, or the person who’s taken over her originality.

Eventually June did get into treatment, but in vain as she checked herself out just 12 hours later upon being picked up by boyfriend Geno. Two days later, in Alabama, Shannon and Doak were arrested on the aforementioned drug possession charges.

At the same time, Doak was arrested alongside Shannon on a charge of domestic violence.

June’s daughters begged her to seek treatment questioning her if she didn’t want to live, to see them grow, get married and have kids.

Apparently, June Shannon’s life is a mess. Her troublesome boyfriend has been cheating on her with her own money, her health deteriorating just like her bank balance, the addition of drugs being so high that the family is in tension for June’s life. Upon the final arrest of the felony drug possession, Jennifer Lamb let all the grudges go and honestly asked for genuine prayers.

Jennifer Lamb pleaded her fans and others to keep June Shannon in their prayers.

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