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If you are planning to start your own business by creating your identity in the name of an app, then this windows app studio will be the best platform for it. This app will let you create your app, which can be installed or published in Microsoft office.

So, if you are a housewife or an enthusiastic person looking for a start-up business platform, this is the best solution that we can provide you. Hurry and take a look at this app.

This app is developed by Microsoft so you don’t need to worry about your business development. People will automatically know about your app which is created using windows app studio. 


Windows Phone App Studio is now called Windows App Studio, a Microsoft product for all those looking for a platform to start their own business by creating their app. This app is available on platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 but available in many languages like German, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. so you might be in any corner of the world this will help you build the best business in that corner of the world and publish it all around the world.

The features of this app are as many as you think like logo and image wizard. This also provides customized editable theme templates for it, users, to use their business templates to publish their ideas, this also gives space for them to insert their own business embedded content for the sites.

It also allows the users to download the source code of the application which is made by the user within the studio for further editorial purposes in visual studios. This app helps the newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for that window and windows phones operating system (OS). This also helps the users to create an application that can be used both in windows and windows devices.     

This window app studio is designed to convert your business ideas into an app in easy steps. The steps are the same for all the process,

STEP 1: let us start our process by entering the website which is https://appstudio.windowsphone.com/ and you will need to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you don’t have any Microsoft account you can use a Microsoft account for creating a new account. 

STEP 2: you will have to a start new project on the top right corner of the website, which will help you in creating a new app. You can also view the apps that you created in my projects. 

STEP 3: you will have a variety of templates to create your catalog. You can choose the templates according to your business type. 

STEP 4: choose the templates and create your blog with all the site content. The one suggestion that we would give is the images and texts, you can use very dark images with light text or light images with a dark text. So that both the text and images will be viewed by your customers. Save the changes using the save option. 

STEP 5: you will also have options like content, templates, tiles, and publish information. All you need to do is to fill them with your ideas, the logo of the app, the title, name of the app, etc. when all this process is done you just need to finish the process. The finish process will drag you to the page which will generate your app. And when your app will be created and you can also share the link of the app with your friends to use it. 


  • Customizable theme templates
  • Logo and wizard images
  • Runnable in both windows phone and windows.
  • Easy to publish your business.


  • Involves a huge process
  • Large scale business only.


The windows app studio is mainly used for creating store ready apps for the business. This also helps to time load your source in the app if you want to make any further customization you can use visual studios for changes. This platform can be used to publish your work to all corners of the world and you can also expand your business just by publishing your app from your doorstep.

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