Coliving VS Regular Residential Apartment [Pros and Cons]

Nowadays, there are many ways to live. Some live their whole life in hotels, some are always on the road and live in various accommodation facilities, and some rent an apartment while some buy their own. But how do you want to live?

Regular rental—in brief

Buying your own house or apartment is becoming more expensive with each passing day. That is why renting is the most used option of housing today. 

There are really many offers of different types of rentals, in any case, there is one disadvantage when renting. And that is that there is always someone above you who sets the rules for you. 

You can’t remodel anything in the apartment, you can’t have an animal and after leaving you have to put the apartment in its original condition. And usually, a long-term contract is signed. There is nothing special about that. 

However, if you add to all these the fact that nowadays you have to pay a large deposit before moving in—real estate agency fees, and then you have to go through various inspections. 

It turns out that a normal rental is also not so advantageous, as it might seem at first glance. Is there another option? Yes and it is called Coliving!

Coliving rental—in brief

The most widespread alternative to regular rental is now the so-called Coliving. 

In short, it is a very simple concept that has found great success. 

Basically, you live in your own room, but you share common areas such as the living room, dining room, laundry room, or kitchen with other people who live in the house or apartment. Really simple. 

It has several advantages over the regular rental. 

Topping these advantages is the financial side of things—you will spend much less money than you would on regular renting. Then there is the social advantage—you will meet interesting people. Then there is the fact that you do not have to sign a long-term contract or go through any real estate agency and you do not have to pay any unnecessary and hidden fees. 

In addition, you are moving to a safe, clean, and already fully furnished apartment. This type of lease is now on the rise.

So let’s look at the main pros and cons of these two most used types of housing.

Pros of Regular rental

The clear advantage of this type of housing is clearly that if you rent the apartment to yourself, you will have complete privacy in it. 

This means that you will live completely alone (or with a partner) and no one will interfere in your life in any way. Privacy is therefore one of the great advantages of renting a regular apartment.

Another advantage is that you do not have to hide anything in the apartment in pre-secured places and that everything you put in your refrigerator will be there just for you and no one will tamper with it. You can walk around the apartment naked and no one will be offended. 

Another advantage is that you will not have to follow any rules. This means that you will be able to use the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen whenever you want and you will not have to follow the various rules that often apply to people who have roommates.

Cons of Regular rental

The design and structure of the lease can be seen as a clear disadvantage. 

You have to rely on dealing with a real estate agent or various real estate agents and you have to do a few personal inspections to decide which apartment to choose. 

Another disadvantage is the fees of the real estate agency and the deposit payable in advance before you move into the apartment. 

If you live alone, of course, you will pay high rent because you will not share the payment with anyone. The disadvantage for many social types of people is the loneliness you experience if you rent an apartment separately. 

The biggest disadvantage, however, is that the lease is not flexible and is usually long-term. In the event that you move in and find that the location or the neighbors or something in the apartment does not suit you, it is very difficult to cancel the contract.

Pros of Coliving rental

This housing option is spreading around the world, perhaps owing to the increase in smartphone users. 

It is the housing of the new millennium because it really has many benefits. We do not want to praise it to heaven here, but in any case, the huge advantage of this housing is its flexibility. 

You can move in for only 30 days or sign a long-term contract for several months in advance. 

Another indisputable advantage over a regular rental is the fact that you share the rental of the entire apartment with other tenants who live in the apartment but share only common areas with you. 

Therefore, this housing option is highly cost-effective. It also has a highly variable nature—by this we mean the fact that you can choose to live in different locations, change them and you can even get to choose a room of your choice. 

If your financial capabilities allow it, you can also choose your own private room with its own toilet, bathroom, work area, and dressing room. If not, you can have room to share with someone. 

The advantage of Coliving also spans in the social direction, especially in the fact that you will be in contact with different people from different cultures who already know the neighborhood and will be happy to introduce you to it. 

Coliving is highly secure because the common areas are protected by a camera system, and in addition, the apartment is already fully furnished. 

You are moving to a clean apartment, where regular cleaning is provided. All you need to move in is a few suitcases of personal belongings as everything else is already in place for you. When it comes to contracts and bureaucracy, you don’t have to worry because there are no hidden fees and usually, facilitating the Coliving is a matter of one or two days.

Cons of Coliving rental 

The disadvantage of living together, for example, is that you share housing with people you do not know personally in advance but only got to know during the housing process. 

So it may seem that someone will not suit you. It is also possible that sometimes you will be a little disturbed. 

Another disadvantage is that Coliving is currently found only in large cities but is slowly spreading to smaller cities. So if you want to use Coliving, look mainly at large cities with high populations.


It all depends on your priorities and your character. If you are an introvert, then it may be better for you to use a regular apartment rental, but if you are an extrovert, we definitely recommend that you use Coliving. The decision is yours.

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