Deviant Horror: Listing Movie Villains that Terrorize with Tech

It takes only a second for a thing to change from being a benefit to being a hazard. 

A kettle is lovely when it’s used to make tea, but when it pours boiling water on your bare feet, it becomes a menace. A bird chirping its sweet song outside your window is pleasant to the ears, but when too many birds sing at the same time, especially when you’re trying to sleep, they instantly become a nuisance.

Similarly, an electronic gadget, like a Smartphone or Portable HD Projector such as the PIQO projector, is highly useful in itself, but when it serves as a doorway for horror movie antagonists to come out and feed on your soul, then it becomes a potential danger. 

Believe it or not, as the world progresses digitally, horror movie villains advance technologically too. Following are the evil entities that make use of technological devices to scare the hell out of us:

‘Beast’ from Poltergeist (1982)

You live in a perfect home with a perfect family. Everyone loves each other, and life is nothing short of heavenly. However, one night, you wake up from deep sleep and are led downstairs by an unusual force. The TV is on and is giving out a strange static. You put your ear to the screen and can hear people talking on the other side of it.

Slowly, the voices come closer and closer to where you’re standing, until you find yourself saying, “They’re here.” Paranormal stuff starts happening around the house and deeply worries your parents. It reaches an extreme when a powerful force pulls you right into the TV and turns your perfect home life into chaos. 

This evil force is the ‘Beast’ who uses your pure energy to attract other lost souls. Its main purpose? To consume you all, with television as a medium to control and capture. 

Time to throw your TV out the window!

Samara Morgan from The Ring (2002 film)

It’s the middle of the night, and black VHS tape is lying in front of you. It beckons you to watch it. Sending whispers through your mind, and shivers down your spine. You plug it into the VCR and start watching it. A white circle against a pitch-black background.

You’re absorbed in the intensity of the image, when suddenly the screen shifts to an inverted chair revolving in midair, and then to a woman brushing her hair, etc. It doesn’t make any sense. When you’re finished, your landline phone suddenly rings, almost giving you a heart attack. With shaky hands, you pick up the receiver, and someone says “Seven Days.” 

It’s the demonic ghost of Samara Morgan, black-haired and white-skinned. She crawls out of your television, disfigures and kills you on the respective seventh day. Why? Because you watched the tape on which she had burnt her curse. Be careful next time you select an odd-looking VHS to light up your evening! Or better, skip the VHS altogether, and shift to digital entertainment with, as I have.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory from Stay Alive (2006)

Finally, a new video game to play! 

It’s been a long time since you’ve done a horror number. Office life’s been cramping your style. This will offer a sweet release. You start with your avatar, who looks just like you. Then, you’re met with an odd request for a prayer recital. Later, you’ve to fight undead children through a cemetery. There are a tower and a basement, and a lady in red?

She comes up from behind you and slashes your throat. Game over! Well, you tried. Some other time, then. You get up for a piping hot cup of coffee. Rain pitters-patters against your windowpane. You take a look outside, and in the glass reflection, you see a lady in red standing right behind you, just like in the game. Your throat is slashed before you even know it. 

This lady in red is the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who murders you in reality just like she killed you in the game. Her vengeful spirit travels through this video game. Stay alert on your next gaming trivia!

Ellie Layton from One Missed Call (2008)

It’s just like any other day. 

You’re coming back home from college when you receive a voicemail with a sing-song ringtone. Weird, you’ve never heard this before. Anyways, you stop to check it out, and when you see the sender’s name, you’re practically about to faint. The eerie voicemail is from your best friend, who passed away last week, and is dated two hours into the future. When you play it, all you can hear is a livid scream. Something’s awfully familiar about that scream. It’s your own. Two hours later, an apparition comes for you and you die a most gruesome death. Then, automatically, a voicemail is sent from your phone to the next person on the list. 

This evil entity, which travels and kills through voicemails, is the murderous child, Ellie Layton, who died from an asthma attack, leaving a missed call on her mom’s phone. From then on, her curse goes from one phone to the next. Now, that you know this, don’t open mysterious voicemails!

Laura Barns from Unfriended (2014)

Who did what when?

Gossip spreads like wildfire. Somebody’s weakness is exposed, and they are made the center of attention. A negative, bullying sort of attention. You knew a friend who committed suicide from being cyber-bullied too much. A year has passed since that incident. One night, you’re chatting via Skype with your friends, and out of nowhere, an unknown person joins your group chat.

Things start to go downhill really fast, taking a sinister turn. One by one, you see your friends divulge their dirty secrets on chat, and then die a horrible death, suicide-oriented. All is done online. Until it’s finally your turn.

It’s Laura Barn’s undead ghost, which haunts everyone through the online platform of Skype. She comes for you and forces you to take your own life. How terrible!

Nothing will ever be the same.

Wrapping Up

So, catch up on these horror movies this weekend and every time you use a technological gadget, you’ll be reminded of its horrific manipulation. You can bet on that.

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