Top 5 Futuristic Technologies Inspired by Sci-Fi

Futuristic Technologies Inspired by Sci-Fi

The sky is the limit when it comes to innovation, especially in the technological field. Things we never even thought could possibly happen are taking the shape of reality as we speak. From space travel to intelligent robots, wireless internet to bullet trains, virtual to augmented reality, smart clothing to air-purifying towers, amazing technological feats is being accomplished.

All founded on some of the most truly remarkable ideas. Now, there’s another visionary field that deals in technological ideas and continues to reform our minds towards the better.

It is called science fiction. It hypothesizes about the human future, and you can see its theories visualized in the movies like Blade Runner, Interstellar, Star Wars, and whatnot. What are other sci-fi ideas out there? Could they be actualized too? Check out the following technological possibilities which you might see coming to life in the distant future. 

Traveling Faster than Light in Space

So far we’ve stayed within the rules of gravity and have not been able to transverse the light-speed limit. But there may be ways of going around it and achieving faster-than-light travel as they show in the space-oriented movies. Star Trek gives us the concept of a warp drive.

Instead of you moving through the space-time continuum, the whole universal fabric warps and moves around you, propelling you faster than the speed of light. But you have to bend space using an efficient technology. This might seem far-fetched, but who knows?

Repairing with Nano-bot Pills

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the human genome is defective. The gaps in the code allow for viruses and diseases to slip through and do damage to different degrees. Even if we erect one form of defense against a germ onslaught, the pathogens find another way to wreak havoc in our bodies.

The cure lies in adaptive technology which moves faster than these natural-born pathogens. Something created from the aegis of nanotechnology: Nano-bot pills. These cell-sized artificially intelligent machines enclosed in a pill could be ingested and fed with the data of our bodily processes, to seek a threat, like those budding tumors or clogged arteries, and eliminate it.  

Re-Creating Dinosaur Semblances

The field of genetic engineering, which covers splicing and cloning as well, is seen to progress day by day. With such an incredible speed, it might actually chance to create advanced technology in the distant future, which will allow human scientists to artificially resurrect dinosaurs, our reptilian antecedents. The possibility is not unheard of.

To see how it is fictionally played out, order the film Jurassic Park in HD from any cable provider on and catch the chaotic progress in action. On top of that, we have enough research on the creatures’ biology just from their fossil samples. All we’ll need is a viable genetic sample to start the cloning and splicing.

Projecting TV into the Brain

Absolute privacy is what we all pine after these days. To be able to do the things we love without the fear of someone eavesdropping on us. Even when we are enclosed in the four walls of our rooms and watching a soulful film, our instincts are always on high alert for someone barging in and disturbing our experience. BrainTV would solve this problem.

With the desired imagery directly projected onto your brain via a neural link, you can enjoy the content in total privacy, and even get the chance of interacting with it.

Just imagine, being able to listen to an orchestra, or watch your favorite film, or even attend a phone call all in your head. You’d be sitting silent and the person next to you won’t even know that you’re watching fireworks in your head.

Self-Fueling Mechanisms

Fuel or energy sources are scarce. Our dream is to make them perpetual, which can’t happen unless we find a never-ending resource. In the meantime, creating technological gadgets which do not require external fueling is somewhat insight. Such engines would fuel themselves and run on zero-waste energy. But it would require more advanced electromagnetic research. 


Though these sci-fi inspired technological ideas may seem more probable on cable than in practice, we can expect them to be translated into reality if we keep moving on the same progressive pace as we are now.

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