Attack on Titan Season 3: Will it be the last?

Set in a fantasy world, Attack on Titan is a manga series which is both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. In the series, the humans live within a walled area which protects them from Titans (man-eating humanoids).

This Japanese series has been a huge success, gathering a lot of fans to view it, in Japan and the United States. It also grew to be popular in the neighboring Asian countries but got caught up in controversies in China and South Korea. 

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By April 2019, the manga sold around 90 million tankōbon copies in print globally. This got the manga added to the list of the best- selling manga series. The manga also has won a lot of awards like the Kodansha Manga Award, Micheluzzi Awards, and Harvey Award.

The anime adaptation of the manga was produced by Wit Studio. It also has been appreciated by critics for its story, animation, acting and more. It quickly drew the attention of a lot of people which lead to the development of a strong and devoted fan base for the series. The first episode of the anime series was released on 6 April 2013.

Attack on Titan Season Status

The release of another season for this series quite firmly depends on the company and not so much on the author. The Manga is still continuing to grow its storyline and in comparison to that, a lot of revelations are yet to be made in the anime. The part that is being shown in the anime is just the tip of the iceberg. The story definitely can continue to grow and develop.

After Attack on Titan season 3, things can get more interesting as Isayama has talked about a plot twist, related to the origin of the Titan, things happening outside of the island, the origins of Ackerman, the appearance of the Giant Titan at the beginning and so on. In case you want to go deeper into the series, it is recommended to read the Manga and not just solely rely on the anime. The anime still has not covered a large part of the Manga and it seems doubtful if it ever will. 


However, the fans hope for it to add another season after the Attack on Titans season 3. They hope for it to develop into a stronger story and some also demand explanations for many little things which can only be given by the addition of a new season after Attack on Titans season 3. The fans also are tweeting about how they do not wish their favorite characters to die if Attack on Titans season 3 is released.

Another point that adds to the coming of a new season is that the anime is very slow-paced. Many believe that it has been done so to introduce a lot many seasons. People also hope for the next season, if released, to focus on the important details so that the fans can get their answers regarding the series and cut down on the needless dragging of the storyline.

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