Eye Care Hacks You Didn’t Know in 2019

Eye Care Hacks

Are you taking care of your eyes correctly? Or have you ever thought about how life would be without your eyes? Our eyes blink in response 

By taking proper care of eyes, you can avoid a lot of diseases in the long run like glaucoma, and cataracts. Some people wear glasses or contact lenses to protect the eyes. Both of them improve sight and covers the eye. However, contact lenses have some advantages over glasses. 

In this article, you will find out about how to care for your eye and contact lenses for better vision. 

How to handle contact lenses?

When you are about to remove your contact lenses, you need to clean your hands thoroughly. There should not be any oil, lotion, or cream on your hand. If there is, then it can leave residue on the lens which may cause serious complications.

Wash your hands with soap before taking the lense. Then dry your hands with a towel. It may sound simple but many people take this step for granted. 

How to care for contact lenses?

Since your contact lenses are in direct contact with your eyes, you should be careful how you handle them. You might want to cut your nails short so you don’t damage your contacts by accident. 

There are different types of contact lenses, caring for them depends on which one you are using. Do not put the contact lenses in your mouth, or use saliva to clean them. 

Can you use tap water to clean lenses?

No, you can’t. Tap water contains bacteria and minerals that are not good for your eye health. Similarly, distilled water is not safe for cleaning contact lenses. Distilled water contains some sort of bacteria, that can cause infection to your eyes. 

What can you use to clean contact lenses?

Lenses need to be cleaned with special solutions. Generally, disinfecting solutions are available at shops. These can clean the lenses properly. You might get your doctor to prescribe a solution to clean the contact lens. You may be allergic to some chemical components of solutions so read the labels well. It is wiser to take doctors recommendation rather than use any solution from the shop. 

How to clean contact lenses?

When you are cleaning your contacts, take the lens in one hand then use the index finger of the other hand to rub the lens gently. In this way, gentle rubbing can remove any substance that has to build on the surface of the lens. As previously advised, make sure your hands are clean.

Clean contact lenses cases regularly

Since contact lenses are used on the eye and eyes are a sensitive organ, you need to be careful with lenses. Even the lens cases need to be cleaned well to make sure no pathogen grows there. Clean the lens cases after every use. You can use heated tap water or sterile solution to clean them. Get a new case after using them for three months. 

Some safety tips 

1. Only use your own lens, do not wear someone else’s lens. If you do, harmful particles from the other person’s eye can enter your eyes and cause infection. 

2. Do not wear lenses during your sleep. Unless you have special lenses that are designed for sleeping time. 

3. The lens cleaning solution must be kept carefully. Don’t touch the tip of the solution bottle. If you do, you may contaminate the solution. Keep your solutions safe at the right temperature.

4. If you feel irritated after wearing lenses, take them off. Do not wear them unless you have discussed the problems with your doctor. Only wear the lenses back when you know it is safe to wear them. Eye irritation is a sign that the lenses need to be removed. Prolonged wearing can cause an eye infection.

5. Do not wear your contacts when taking a bath or swimming. Bacteria can get caught in your lens and cause blindness.

6. Do not reuse the used solution! Bacteria can overwhelm your disinfectant solution and use it as a breeding ground.

7. Dry out your contact lens. Do not keep it sitting around wet and exposed. 

8. Stop the urge of rubbing your eyes while wearing contacts. Make sure that if you really feel the urge to scratch or rub around your eyes then remove your contacts first. Before then? Do not rub your eyes.

9. If you are legally blind without your contacts on, then keep a pair of glasses around. You’ll want to use them when your eyes need to take a rest from contacts. It is advisable to switch to glasses after using contacts for 10 to 12 hours.

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