7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Male Strippers

Male exotic dancers have earned quite a reputation over the past several decades. Often viewed as womanizers and sexual objects, they have become quite misunderstood. Despite their seductive movements and undeniable charm, their approach to life and business happens to be a lot different than what many perceive. Here are seven lies that you have been told about male strippers.

1. All Strippers Sell Their Bodies

Escorts and strippers are not in the same line of duty. While many dancers choose the path of prostitution, it is not true across the board. Strippers sell fantasies. They lend their time and sex appeal for profit. Dancers aim to tease, not to please. Making sexual advances may actually offend the worker. If you are looking to hire professional male strippers for your event, avoid escorting websites and visit brisbanemalestripper.com.

2. Strippers Are Unintelligent

It may be hard to believe that brains are required to carry out such a trade, but without a certain level of intelligence and a basic understanding of business, most strippers could not survive. Contrary to popular belief, male strippers come from all walks of life. A large number of them attend college. Some have degrees. Several of them have reputable day jobs and have accomplished many impressive things outside of the strip club.

What many patrons fail to realize is that a successful stripper is a skilled businessman. The enlighten dancer knows how to weed through customers, dodging non-tippers and those that are looking for more than what they have bargained for.

3. Strippers Have No Self Respect

Not every stripper carries a low opinion of themselves. Some of the most confident and respectable people dance for a living. It has become a widely-accepted belief that exotic dancers have an “anything goes” approach to life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While some hole-in-the-wall joints may blur the lines a bit, most male strippers have firm standards and aren’t tolerable to non-consensual contact and acts of disrespect.

4. Strippers Are Self-destructive

It is not fair to assume that all male entertainers navigate through life while under the influence. It is also incorrect to assume that they lead dangerous, carefree lifestyles. Outside of their night job, strippers have lives and responsibilities to tend to, so living recklessly is often not on their agenda. In fact, many strippers don’t drink or use drugs. Most of them lead normal lives that you wouldn’t even recognize them outside of the club.

5. Strippers Are Looking To Steal Your Spouse

For crying out loud, stop accusing strippers of being interested in you or your spouse. The typical male stripper isn’t aiming to date their clientele. As with most professions, this is bad for business. At the end of the day, these entertainers are just people. This means that they often have spouses of their own and even children. Their job is to entertain their guests and make money. That’s it.

6. Strippers Are STD-ridden

The “filthy stripper” notion is played out. It is foolish to correlate one’s job to his health. Unless the stripper has dabbled in the world of prostitution, it is not likely that he has a higher chance of carrying an STD than anyone else. Also, with the strict boundaries that most male strippers hold, it is unlikely that you would even be placed in a position to be affected by any condition that they may or may not carry.

7. Strippers Are Manipulative

Some people complain that strippers are only out to take their money. Well, isn’t that the common goal of workers in any profession? Being charming and flirtatious is part of the role of a male stripper. While patrons often get the wrong idea, manipulation isn’t the intent of the dancer. Just like any other commission-based worker, the goal is to profit as much as possible.
Who would have known that male entertainers are just like you and me?

The only thing that sets them apart from the crowd is that they know how to put on a show and make a massive profit from it. The next time you attend an adult club, leave your judgemental views at the door and enjoy the show. Also, don’t forget to tip!

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