Boku No Pico- The 1stSlice Best Review [2020]

Boku no Pico (or My Pico, as translated to English) is basically a series of Japanese origin of shotacon hentai anime which is produced by Natural High. Its producer has described it as “the world’s first Shotacon anime”. Shotacon can be associated with attraction to the very young-looking male character ( for those who are unaware of it).

Boku no Pico

Boku no Pico is directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe. And the writing done for the series is by Katsuhiko Takayama. The music for Boku no Pico is given by Shinobu. It was first released in the month of November on 11 in the year 2006. 

About the Series- Boku No Pico

The entire series comprises of three episodes, an edited version of the first episode, a one-shot manga chapter, an upcoming computer game and a video compilation of songs. The second episode of Boku no Pico was released on April 16 in the year 2007. The third episode followed on October 9 in the year 2008. As producing anime is very costly, all the character and content of Boku no Pico were product-tested before starting the production. 

The series gained a lot of viewers after a video called “Don’t watch an Anime Called Boku” was posted on YouTube got viral. A male viewer describes the three episodes of the series and constantly compares the experience with selling his soul to Lucifer. Boku no Pico then began to become an internet meme and a copypasta. Boku no Pico is basically, hentai, or anime porn as some like to call it. It can be clearly seen, Boku no Pico lacks plot.

There is absolutely no plot in the entire series. It goes on very slowly and as a whole is just based on a flat story. The anime just revolves around a feminine boy called Pico who likes to dress up in dresses and skirts. The first episode shows Pico meeting an older boy Tomatsu who has a crush on him. In the second episode, Pico befriends a person called Chico when they explore a vacation home. In the third episode, Pico and Chico go to Tokyo and meet another boy names, Coco. 

Talking about the first episode, Pico catches Tomatsu spying on him and instantly falls in love with him which seems pretty forced. Pico seems to be naïve at this point because of course, he is just a kid. The characters seem really desperate as the episode unfolds. Tomatsu buys a dress for Pico for some reason.

Tomatsu hesitates when Pico asks him about his feelings and this might hint people who are viewing it rationally that something is weird. It becomes a mystery if Tomatsu really likes Pico or is just using him as a tool. In the other two episodes, there is no sight of Tomatsu. He just disappears entirely. 

Also, Pico and Tomatsu’s first encounter is similar to rape which is quite disgusting to watch and makes the series not recommendable to anyone. Many people react with disgust to this series mostly because it is pretty disgusting but also because of the homophobia that exists today.

The main characters are underaged for hentai which is no way a good thing for any series! 13 is the age of consent in Japan, that too, at lowest. For, Boku no Pico, the characters do not seem to be more than 13 or even 13. Many hentai series have young looking characters but they have generally reached their puberty. 

Final Words

Boku no Pico can be called gross and shows signs of pedophilia which is not acceptable in hentai or even porn. Tomatsu can be viewed as an older person who just wants to satisfy himself sexually using Pico. This series becomes weird right from the first episode of it and can be rated 1 out of 10.  

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