Hoverwatch Spy App for Android Review [The Best Guide]

Hoverwatch spy app for android is gaining popularity these days as a spying and tracking software mainly used by parents and employers to track the interactions and whereabouts of their children as well as employees to stay updated consistently.  

Uses of spy app of Hoverwatch for Android

Being a good spy app for mobile phones it can offer various ethical advantages but they can be misused if used by the wrong people.

Why do Parents use the Spy App for Android?

Most parents are worried about the misuse of the cell phone while buying one for their child. But they have to buy one for him as they can recognize the necessity of a phone to make and receive calls. However, they can also not ignore the possibilities of misuse of the phone as well as its distractive nature. It can increase the risk of disclosure of sensitive information, exposure to adult materials as well as wasting time playing online games, etc. 

So to avoid such situations parents have started using the spy app introduced by Hoverwatch as a safeguard. This app has enabled the parents to track the location of their kids, know which sites they are exploring and in which online activities they are involved. So, with the help of this app, parents can be aware of the risks they may have to face due to the activities of their kids.

What types of teen control exist?

This spy app for android offers various types of control over teenagers. It can track the record of all of their calls received and made and the name of the person called as well as the duration of the call without the knowledge of the cell phone user as it remains hidden. It will also check the social media accounts of the kids to track their activities on them.

This App will also check their phone to know about the text messages received or sent by them. After registering an account with Hoverwatch spy app you can keep a vigilant eye on the online as well as offline activities of your kids through their android cell phones or tablets.

Why is it convenient to use the spy app?

The use of this spy app is convenient because it can be used easily by the business owners, employers as well as parents to track the activities of their employees and children respectively. The main benefit of this app is that the presence of parents or employers will not be exposed to the kids or employees tracked by them.

By tracking the activities of the employees and children one can improve the productivity that has declined due to the lack of any check on them. You can check whether they are wasting their time by chatting online or watching movies or playing games or wandering aimlessly. This app can also be used as a witness as it can record their phone calls as well as messages sent or received by them.

What are the Main Features of the application will be useful to parents?

The functionality of the program is very large, but we mention only the most functional ones. These functions are most often used by most users.

Phone keylogger

This spy app will register all the keys pressed on the keyboard of the cell phone under surveillance to type messages. It will enable the parents to know each word typed in the text messages and emails by their children. They can also know the username and password used by their kids.

Geolocation Feature

This spy app allows employers and parents the location of the target device or phone even if the user has turned off its GPS and Wi-Fi. It can also know the location of the user from the nearest tower of the GSM system.

Manage SMS

By tracking the received and sent text messages by the employees or children employer or parents can manage their messages as they wish.

Track Calls

This feature of Hoverwatch spy app allows the parents to record incoming as well as outgoing calls from the targeted phone from a remote location. It can also record the type of call, duration of call and time of the call as well as the names of the callers and audio recording of their conversation

Track Internet History

The parents can use this feature of the spy app to know about the websites visited by the targeted cell phone user as well as the information downloaded or uploaded.

Hoverwatch Viewer

Parents can view all the information collected through this spy app by using this feature.

What do you need to know to install the application on your phone?

You can install Hoverwatch spy app for android easily in few easy steps, including:

  • Sign up: You will open an online free account with Hoverwatch by signing up at this platform. You will have to provide your email address and password for this purpose.
  • Download and install the software: After opening your account with Hoverwatch you can download and install this spy app on the mobile phone or device you want to track. 
  • Start checking: When you have downloaded and installed this app successfully on android device then you can monitor the activities on the targeted device or phone. 

Pricing Policy

You can download and install this spy app for android free of cost but you will have to fee for using its features as discussed hereunder. You can choose from these plans as per your requirement.

PlanPersonal PlanProfessional/Family PlanBusiness Plan
Devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24.95 $49.95 $149.95 
3 month$59.95 $99.95 $299.95 
1 year$99.95 $199.95 $499.95 
  • Plan for the family: This plan allows you to monitor up to 5 devices. On each device, you attach you can get 60% discount every time. This plan costs $39.95 per month, $99.95 for 3 months and $199.95 per year.
  • Personal plan: If you want to track only one device or hone then this plan can be more affordable for you. You will have to pay just $19.95 per month, $49.95 per quarter and $99.95 per year.
  • Plan for business owners: This plan allows the business owners to monitor up to 25 devices every month. Its monthly cost will be $149.95, quarterly $299.95 and yearly $499.95.

Conclusions and Results

The information provided in this write-up has revealed the usefulness of Hoverwatch spy app for the parents as well as employers. Now they can track the activities of their children and employee respectively along with allowing them to use the latest techniques of communication. This spy app for android will allow them to protect their targeted people from any untoward situation if they are misusing the facility provided to them.

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