How to Setup Content Com Android Browser Home [Best Guide]

The code “content://” refers to a link used in browsers for the configuration of the default home page. You may have noticed that every time you buy a new smartphone, it comes with a browser already installed on it together with the default homepage.

And you’re at liberty to change your phone’s default homepage if you don’t like it. The stock browser you’ll find on most smartphones has a homepage you won’t find very useful and has too many useless and irritating links. This article explains the code “content://” and guides you on how you can configure a browser’s default home page.


The widely used operating system for mobile, developed by Google is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. It is primarily made for touchscreen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. 

TO NOTE: However, it was initially developed by Android Inc. which was bought by Google in 2005.  Android TV for TV, android auto for cars, Wear OS for wristwatches, etc. have also been developed. Other variants are also being used in gaming consoles, digital cameras, etc. Check out What is content:// above!

About- content://

Whenever you buy a new smartphone, it comes with some pre-installed applications. So, when you click on any link to open, it always asks you about the browser you want it to open in. For that, there exists a code link content://; it is an internal prospect of an Internet browser that allows its users to set a homepage.

It becomes quite annoying to keep selecting a browser over and over again, especially when you are in the middle of something paramount. Therefore to set this issue right, here is “content com android browser home”.

Like all the major things in life, Internet browsers also come with a variety of options. You can choose any one of them depending on your needs. Some of the commonly available browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC, etc. Each person has a different choice for their browser to surf the Internet.

For example, if you want to use Chrome, another person might like Mozilla Firefox as their default browser. This does not become a basis to judge which browser is a better one as every browser comes with its own set of exciting features. 

So, for your smartphone, whether new or old, you can easily set content com android browser home (content:// to set the default browser on your Android mobile device. If you are familiar with Android, you might be aware that most of the settings resemble one another on different Android smartphones. But, some new devices might happen to have a different look for their settings. Anyway, it still is really easy for a user to follow the link. 

To help you out with it though, here is a method to set content:// on your Android phone. Along with that, there also is a method provided below to make Chrome your default browser as it is predominantly used by a lot of Android users across the globe.  

Steps to set the Browser home page on the Android smartphone

  1. Set Up Content Com Android Browser Home
  2. To begin, open the browser application by tapping on the Android browser icon
  3. Navigate to the menu (which will be visible at the bottom of the screen) to tap it
  4. Scroll down until you reach Settings Android Browser settings option
  5. Next, tap the ‘General Settings’ option
  6. Lastly, tap ‘Set Homepage’

Steps to make Chrome as the default browser

1. Start by finding the Google Settings on your Android device. You might be easily able to find it by:

  • Opening your device’s Settings. Then, by scrolling down you will find Google. Just tap on it. 
  • Opening the application called ‘Google settings’.

2. The next step involves tapping on Apps 

3. Open your default apps

4. Navigate to the top right corner and tap on settings. Under ‘default’, tap the browser app.

5. Then, just tap the Advanced Default apps Browser app

6. Tap on Chrome to make it your default browser

Using this method, you can comfortably establish content:// on your Android device. You no longer will have to be perturbed by the annoying pop up that asks you to choose a browser every time you wish to look up to something on the Internet. 

Changing the Default Web Browser of Your Android Smartphone

You should always remember that it’s not mandatory for you to use the manufacturer-installed browser application on your phone. There are plenty of browsers of much richer and better features you can find in the Google Play Store. Most of these browsers come at no cost and you can install them on your device with just a single click. 

If for example, you’re running Firefox on your desktop, it would make sense having it installed on your phone as well. This way, you can easily synchronize your phone’s Firefox with that on your desktop when you log in with the same credentials. As it depends on web browsers much like chrome has different options!

This will mean that all your autocomplete, preferences, notifications, and web history, as well as saved passwords and bookmarks, are automatically synchronized with your phone. Also, by configuring Firefox as your default browser on your smartphone, it will be much easier for you to configure a customized homepage.

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