10 Tiny House Tips to Maximize Space

House Tips to Maximize Space

There are a variety of things to consider when exploring the option of living in a tiny house. In fact, it is recommended that you experience tiny-house living by renting before buying or committing to a tiny home.

To do this, you can simply google “tiny away AUS tiny house rentals” and secure a rental, However, the most important thing to keep in mind is where you will store your belongings because the house will be small.

1. Stairs

Whether your tiny house has conventional stairs or spiral stairs, there is a lot of space up for grabs underneath each step. For conventional stairs, you can use the lower steps as smaller cabinet space. For instance, you can either slide in containers and shut the door, or you can put a few shelves in the cabinet to store your items. Beneath the top steps, you can enjoy a built-in closet to hang coats, shirts, and other items.

If you have spiral steps, you should make sure to utilize each step as a neat little storage space to help keep your tiny house organized and clutter-free.

2. Loft

One of the best ways to maximize space in a tiny house is to add a loft for your bed. Doing so will automatically free up a significant amount of floor space for the time that you are actually awake and moving around. However, if a loft bed does not pique your interest, you can use a loft for a reading space or as extra storage space.

3. Fold-down bed

The ability to fold your bed into the wall opens up an incredible amount of floor space during the day. Additionally, a bed that folds into the wall can offer you the option of enjoying a larger bed without the worry of losing valuable living space.

4. Under the bed

The space under the bed provides a phenomenal amount of storage space to organize and store your things. Whether the bed has built-in drawers or you decide to use containers, this is one area of a tiny house that simply must be used to maximize your compact living quarters.

5. Benches

Benches in the kitchen or living space provide yet another valuable opportunity to enjoy precious storage space. For instance, some bench cushions are removable, allowing you to place items inside. Other benches have cabinet-style storage that allows you to slide containers into the cabinets and close the doors while others will have shelving to help you organize your belongings. Whichever style you choose, you simply must consider combining storage with your seating arrangements.

6. Walls

There are a couple of clever ideas regarding the walls of a tiny house that you can adopt to maximize space. The first is the floor-to-ceiling shelving. To help keep things organized, you can use bins or tubs.

Another great idea is to make a wall of cabinets. You do not need to make the cabinets deep as the overall wall space will give you plenty of storage room. Additionally, because the doors conceal your belongings, cabinets will give the living space an uncluttered, spacious feel.

7. Floorboards

One of the most ingenious solutions to help you maximize space in your tiny house is to use the space under your floorboards. In addition to already being a part of your tiny house, that unused space beneath the floorboards provides allows you to store belongings without taking away any actual living space. Basically, your floorboards offer free storage space.

8. Beams

In terms of the design, an A-frame tiny house affords you the unique opportunity to use the beams as a way to store and organize your things. However, when using this strategy, you might want to consider storing items that you use on a daily basis as this type of storage allows you to quickly access items you need without having to rummage through bins or cabinets.

9. Kitchen bars

As with many traditional kitchens, using a bar to hang your cookware is a great way to maximize space. Additionally, this option provides you easy access while also opening up more space for other kitchen items to be placed in kitchen cabinets.

10. Kitchen shelves

Storing appliances and other gadgets on kitchen shelves is a smart way to help free up counter space. You can also use the underside of the shelf. For instance, you can affix the lids to your spices to the underside of the shelf or you can place hooks underneath to provide you more options for organizing and maximizing space in your kitchen.

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