The Secrets to Spicing Up Your Outfits

Spicing Up Your Outfits

Have you invested in great outfits but have a problem when it comes to spice them up? A lot of people, especially ladies, face similar challenges. Adding little details in your outfits can make them look much better than they are. Even when you are trying to pull a simple look, you can spice things up a little bit. The following tips should guide you on this. 

Tie up a baggy shirt

You may feel the need to wear loose clothes when you are not attending any special event. They don’t, however, have to be too baggy and hide your gorgeous figure. If you are wearing something like a loose t-shirt, consider tying it on one end so that it can give you a bit of shape. Tying your t-shirt on one end can also add visual interest to your overall outfit. If you wear it well, it can even make you appear more sexy and fashionable. 

Consider tucking in your shirt

 You don’t have to let all your shirts hang loose over pants. If you are wearing jeans, tucking in your shirt can make your waist look smaller and sexier. It accentuates your shape and enables you to elongate your legs. Ensure you invest in a quality belt as you tuck in your shirt. This helps you give people something to look at when they focus on your outfit. 

Belts are also considered timeless in the fashion industry. For you to add some visual interest to your outfit, ensure you choose the right color of belts that blend in well with your shirt and pants. They are a great way of accessorizing your outfit. Apart from appearance, belts also hold your pants securely and bring out that sexy shape of your hips and waist. 

Cuff your leggings or jeans

If the weather is not bad and you have some gorgeous looking legs, you can show them off by cuffing your pair of jeans or leggings. This also spices up your outfit. Ensure you don’t wear anything revealing on your upper body if you choose to cuff your legs. You only need to show one part at a time. Cuffing your leggings can also give you a great opportunity to show off your cool socks or shoes. 

Get a few scarves

Break the monotony of regular jeans and t-shirts by adding scarves to your wardrobe. The market is full of cute scarves that you can match with most of your outfits. These not only boost your overall appearance but also keep you warm when the weather is not conducive. They also add warm tones and color to a neutral look. Scarves are great accessories that can spice up any outfit. You can wear them over shirts or dresses.

Ensure you learn different ways of tying your scarf so that you can make your outfit look spectacular every time you pair it with one. You can learn such lessons from the numerous tutorials online. Scarves are also cheap and come in all kinds of materials. Get as many as you can and try wearing them over different clothes in your wardrobe. 

Wear some accessories

Spicing Up Your Outfits

Ladies who are in the habit of wearing hoops always come out as fashion-oriented. Consider matching your outfits with long hoops that make you look different. Since hoops draw people’s attention, you should avoid adding more accessories to avoid overdoing it. If you don’t like earrings, you can spice things up with a statement bracelet or necklace.

People nowadays love layered necklaces, which can be a game-changer on your simple outfits. A bracelet, on the other hand, can make your old t-shirt appear trendy. If you choose to wear a bracelet with a long-sleeved blouse, ensure you roll up the sleeves to avoid concealing it. Even if you don’t have a lot of accessories, buying just one that comes in a neutral color can help you spice up most of your outfits. Simple accessories make your outfit look well thought out.

Put on some lipstick

You don’t need a whole makeup kit to spice up your outfit. All you require is a simple lipstick to achieve this. Applying lipstick not only adds color to your general look but also shows that you take your time to dress up. It can also help you look sexier and more feminine. Red lipstick tends to stand out and goes with a lot of outfits. Ensure that you don’t overdo your makeup. You need to maintain simplicity as you prepare for different occasions. 

Layer up

Whether you are wearing an outfit that reveals your skin on not, layering up can complete your outfit. Look for a trendy coat or jacket that you can wear over your elegant dress or top. You don’t have to button or zip it up if you want to show some skin. This not only protects your body from the cold but also makes your outfit look better. Layering up even adds texture to any outfit. It creates more visual interest and makes a regular outfit look fashionable. Ensure you choose the latest pieces of layers that you can wear with different attire. 

Get some unique bandanas

The versatility of bandanas makes more people invest in them every day. These small pieces of fabrics can make your outfit stand out. You can also wear them as scarves, face masks, headbands, and even bracelets. They also add color to your general look and make you appear more stylish. Choose a variety of good looking bandanas for them to give you the effect you desire. 

Consider buying some shades

Sunglasses are not only meant to protect your eyes from the sun. They can also help you look cooler. You can get shades is some neutral or unique colors and match them with your casual outfits. Sometimes, you don’t even have to wear them to make a style statement. You can also place a pair of shades on your top and see how good they complement your outfit.  5

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