7 Strategies To Generate Sales Leads In Your Small Business

Generate Sales Leads

Small scale business owners are invariably seeking ways to place their business on the map. Having access to a constant stream of sales leads is one of the basic elements for growing a business. To a small business owner, generating new leads and transforming them into sales is thrilling.

As it is known, making a profit is the sole aim of establishing a business and to ensure that profit comes into the business, the customer base has to be expanded. Sales leads are people who have an interest in the product you sell or the services you render.

Persuading an audience to purchase your product/services requires some airtight strategies. Below are some strategies to assist you to generate sales leads in your small scale business;

1. Target Identification

Identifying your target is the first step in sales leads generation. You cannot reach your audience or sell your products/services if you do not have it in mind the target you intend to reach out to. It is important you carry out research on your audience identifying who they are, what they like to do, where they live, their economic class, what their personality and lifestyle are like, their needs, age, culture, and even their buying habit, etc.

2. Pick Your Promotional Methods Carefully

Generating sales leads requires a promotional plan that will get your services/products into the mind of your target audience. These promotions include blogs, industry events, Pay per click advertising, social media, traditional advertisements, speaking engagement, generating customer referrals, etc.

The goal is to reach your target, so pick a promotion method that will help you actualize your goal. For instance, if your targets are the youth then you use social media as a promotional outlet.

3. Implement a Sales Funnel

Once you know who your targets are and how best to reach them, collecting contact data should be the next step. Implementing a sales funnel is the first part of the process. A sales funnel is a progressive process that permits you to bring your potential customer closer to your offer and encourage them to purchase your product/services through a chain of marketing actions like automated videos, emails, landing pages and articles that will do the selling for you.

A sales funnel helps you monitor your audience while allowing you to win them over. You could motivate them to reveal their contact information in exchange for a coupon, gift or sample.

At this stage, it is crucial to set up a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to help keep track of potential customers.

4. Utilize Social Media

The social media is used by about 42% of the world population, so why allow such wide coverage slip through your hands. LinkedIn offers an astonishing network for small businesses, but tapping into other media outlets such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will attract additional benefits.

Generating leads from your social media could be quite easy, you could pick one or all media outlet to tell your target more about your business, get recommendations from other customers, post special offers, inform your customers about new offers which could be taken up by them, and also use the avenue to find out what they want.

You can also respond to queries, suggestions raised by your users, complaints and also engage them in conversation. The more positive communication a customer has with your business the more trust is built, and the more likely your sales will increase

5. Develop Informative Content

Social media is an exceptional platform for small businesses to provide valuable content to their audience. This content should be captivating enough to lure your customers into making a purchase. Take advantage of the blog section of your website; make certain it is frequently updated with appropriate blogs focused on your services and product.

These blog posts could be promoted on social media. Customers will view your publication in search of information, thus creating awareness about your product and also increase your sales leads.

6. Answer Questions on Q & A Services

The Quora which is an example of a Q & A service is a site where you can ask questions and get answers. You can enter this platform as an expert who is there to answer questions or you enter as one who asks questions.

Your business can benefit from posting on Quora; not only does it allow you to answer questions related to your product but it also allows you to generate traffic on your website if done properly.

This can be achieved by integrating links to your website in the answers. You can also use Quora to investigate your target audience’s problems are and provide a solution to their problems.

If you provide answers that help other Quora users in the long run, they turn into your subscribers, website visitors, and even your customers. However, it should be known that Quora is not a platform to promote your business rather it is a platform to share knowledge.

7. Introduce a Referral Program

Generating leads is not just enough. It is important you generate highly qualified leads. These are chances that are much more likely to encourage others to buy your product/services. That’s where customer referral comes in.

Referrals are high-quality leads because buyers will consider you after hearing someone else certify your product, most especially if that recommendation comes from someone they know and trust.

Nothing good comes easily; you have to introduce rewards; this is to encourage your already existing customers to refer your business to their friends and families. These rewards are known as referral incentives. Your reward could range from gift cards, discount coupons, free trials of your new products to even cash.


Lead generation cannot be the same combinations for every business due to this; you may be required to engage in quite a bit of trial to ascertain what lead generation works for you. The above-listed strategies are not the only way to generate sales leads for your business; you could also employ a qualified lead generation analyst. It doesn’t matter which lead strategy you chose to use for your business what is important is that you arrive at a positive result.

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