Does Smoking Weed after Working out Affect your Muscle Growth

Weed comes from Cannabis named plant and is a ‘psychoactive drug’. Weed’s origin in Cannabis is used for various medicinal and other purposes as well. There lies a specific chemical compound which upon consuming weed gives a ‘stoned’ feeling.

smoking weed after working out

Smoking weed after working out often results in a relaxed mental state, but there are more attributes attached to it. It affects the muscle gain in several ways, be it positive or negative. Smoking weed after workout generally has more cons than pros, since it adversely affects the health-physically and mentally both. Its major impact is seen in the level of growth hormones. However, it also provides relief in pain when taken after a workout.

Is it a hindrance on the path of muscle growth?

The answer to this question lies in a yes. It indeed affects the muscle gain negatively and harshly; the growth hormone named ‘testosterone’ is responsible for the growth of muscles, in men. Consumption of weed tends to inhibit the growth of the hormone and thus weaken the effects of working out.

Smoking weed also leads to a lack of nutrition in the body as it stimulates cravings for junk food and calorie-high candies, which increases the calorie intake and lessens the nutritious diet. Weed also possesses qualities of a hallucinogen and thus it hampers the ability of a person to cross his/her limits when working out.

Smoking weed after working out affects muscle growth since it hampers overload and causes the mind and body to slow down due to fatigue. It also reduces the time to exhaustion and the capacity to work out. It terribly impairs the performance. Weed contains more than 400 psychoactive compounds such as THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and many more.

The effects of weed can last up to two to six hours. Apart from these effects, weed also impairs memory, focus, and strength. Since weed lowers the level of testosterone in men it also leads to less muscle mass. People who consume weed tend to have more visceral fat as when compared to people who don’t consume weed after a workout.

It doesn’t increase one’s metabolism, but definitely boosts one’s appetite. Overall, weed hampers the performance and lowers the growth hormone thus making it unfavorable to be consumed after a workout.

Can weed affect the body positively when consumed after working out?

Smoking or consuming weed post-workout doesn’t really affect the body in a fruitful way; however, it does help in controlling the pain that one faces after a workout. This varies from person to person. For some, weed soothes the pain and provides relief and relaxation since it possesses some natural ‘anti-inflammatory’ properties.

It also increases the amount of blood flow to the muscles, which helps in fast recovery of an injury. The only major positive effect that it creates on the body is that it treats soreness and is a great pain reliever. Apart from that, it is not really recommended to consume weed, especially via smoking.

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