How to Start a Co-working Space in 2019? [Complete Guide]

Co-working spaces are a catalyst to the mind. Starting a co-working space will absolutely take in efforts, but they can be paid off if implemented in a planned manner. Starting a co-working space can be rewarding as the idea is now widely accepted and appreciated.

How to Start a Co-working Space

These are primarily helpful for startups, freelancers, artists, remote employees and professionals who like to work after their day at their respective jobs. Even small cities are beginning to accommodate co-working spaces. Moreover, to start one, only a few nuts and bolts must be understood.

These tips can prove to be helpful to start a co-working space.

1. Plan

This is the foremost step to start anything. You need to plan the things you will be aiming to be in your co-working space. Material pricing and other market pricing must be thoroughly studied first. Observe other already existing co-working spaces in your city. Visit them and talk to people to figure out the essentials. Make a list of the things they may be lacking and try to make them the attractions of your space. Plan your budget wisely.

2. Give the capacity a back seat

To start a co-working space at first, the scale must not be made a prime deciding factor. Let your co-working space begin with a capacity of only a handful of people at its early stage. This can also be a method to check on the various additions that you will need in the coming weeks. Try to make this a local co-working space first, only to expand later. Even if a few people start to exchange ideas and businesses, it can all be worthwhile.

3. Publicize fairly

Social media can prove to be an aid for the publicity of the co-working space. The publicity can be directed at small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. Your co-working space must be inspiration driven, which can be talked about on these platforms. You can start with this before five to six weeks of the launch of your co-working space.

4. Location

The location of your co-working space can bring in long-lasting impacts. It can be a place that can provide ease of mobility. Also, buildings that have been unused for a long period of time can be turned into a co-working space. This might also help you to cut down on your expenses. Having a furnished area can help you save time for planning and execution.

5. Tools and utilities

Furniture, design, and setting can be the cherry on the cake. But without the base, it is all in vain. Utilities, tools and most importantly, high-speed internet connectivity must be sought after. A comfortable work environment must be established and aimed at. Conference rooms and meeting rooms can also be added to your space. These can be charged accordingly.

6. Comfort

A person’s mind can work best under comfortable conditions.  Your co-working space does not necessarily have to be enriched with artifacts and fancy designs. Let these things be on your left-hand side. Essential items, like, placing a small coffee dispenser machine for relaxation can help. You do not have to buy one in the beginning. It can also be rented. Fun activities can also be planned once in a while.

7. Do not hesitate to consult

Look for people who have experience in establishing offices. They can prove to be helpful for the same. Local people can guide you to bring people to your co-working space. People willing to come and use your co-working spaces can also be helpful as they can tell you what they are actually looking for in a co-working space. So, converse with people for the same. Afterward, reviews can also be taken.

8. Green Space

Add a small ‘Green Space’ to your co-working space. This will help you serve two purposes as plantation must be encouraged at every level. The green space will also make the area look attractive. Later, the co-working space can develop with a purpose.

9. For the women

A section of your co-working space can be reserved for women. Women have always been facing wage gaps and other disparities on a day to day basis. Such spaces might become empowering. After your space is developed to become a large one, it can have different sections for different communities and professionals, like artists, etc. Likewise, your co-working space can become a community-based one.

Thus the accumulation of efforts can be brought about with such distinct measures for good.

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