Playing Mobile Casino Games – HTML5 or Native Apps?

In today’s age, a few mobile casinos have a link to their app (dedicated), while in some other cases, you will be straightaway redirected to their online web application. So, which one do you think is the better option to use?

Honestly, it isn’t that easy to explain as both these options have their advantages and disadvantages for both the players and the company. For analyzing both these points, here is a brief discussion on the significant differences between the native apps and HTML5. 

If you are new to the concept of the online or mobile-based casino industry, then Martim Nabeiro –our lead man in the post, will guide you through the impressive world of online casinos, and help you unravel the technical aspects of mobile-based casinos or casinos online. He explains how the lucrative online casino gaming industry in Portugal amounted to around €64.5 Million in a recent survey. 

When mobile casinos think about developing their app, they would need to invest significantly more into app development than their HTML5 mobile website. Any native app is specifically developed to be used on different versions of OS (Android, iOS, and so forth).

The individuals who support it state that this is why you get better performance from the apps as they entirely use your mobile hardware. However, this implies that a few gadgets and operating systems will be ignored as the apps are developed and upgraded without keeping these things in mind. 

Another key benefit is that HTML5 is compatible with any browser or device, irrespective of the operating system’s versions or any other restrictions on hardware that might not be possible with the older devices. 

With HTML5, your development process is also quicker and less expensive, which means that the casinos have enough time and funds to make their sites perfect and streamlined for mobile players. 

The way both affects the convenience of players:

Besides, HTML5 is the more pragmatic solution regarding cross-device usefulness. A few other things that both the players and casinos need to remember before choosing the future steps they would want to take with their mobile games (casino). 

Less storage space used:

To start, don’t take a lot of storage space of your device, and you won’t end up downloading slots or looking for how much space you have in your device. On the other hand, native apps will take up considerable space on your mobile device. 

Apps can be downloaded through app stores: 

You can mostly download native apps through app stores. This can be merit and demerit for mobile gamers, contingent upon what they like. If you are looking for a native app, search for them in your app store and go through the client reviews.

Notwithstanding, there can be restrictions, similar to that of Android clients, where the Play Store doesn’t permit casino apps (played with real money) to be listed due to certain restrictions imposed by Google. Then again, the way toward finding a decent mobile casino is a lot more straightforward with HTML5, as when you do a Google search, the list of mobile casinos will appear directly. 


Updates are another significant feature. Whenever there is any update or change in the operating system, the native apps need to be also updated regularly, which fundamentally implies that, at some point, the app probably won’t be working any longer with your OS version. However, you can instantly access the website with HTML5, as any updates or changes will already be made while accessing it. 


Native apps are more device-compatible; for example, they can make full use of the swipes and hand signals, the presentations/displays, and your gadget’s graphic processor, because of which your gaming experience becomes smoother on that particular gadget. Nonetheless, continuous improvements have been going on in HTML5 daily, and this is the latest trend, which implies that we should anticipate many new updates and efforts for bringing perfection in it in the long-run. 


Though the native apps that draw-in the mobile players more, HTML5 has already begun to lead the pack in mobile casinos. It will definitely take over the native casino app entirely in the future sometime. For now, some work still needs to be done. Whatever you choose now will entirely depend on your inclinations.

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