One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date, Plot & Rumours

One Punch Man Season 3

The release of One Punch Man season 3 was earlier anticipated in the Fall of 2020. But, the current situation of coronavirus, quarantine, and lockdown season 3 might delay to 2021. The world has shifted to home, and the making of animation and production will affect the overall process.

The second season of One Punch Man aired last year with a lot of disappointments. The animation aired after years of waiting, but it was not near the bar set by Season 1. There is no official communication about the new season release, but there is a lot of speculation on the same. 

Release Date

It is unclear if the production of the third season has started. The creators, Viz Media, would have announced its progress. An official decision is always made when a new season is about to premiere.

The announcement of season 1, which premiered in October 2015, the decision was made seven months before. On the other hand, confirmation of season 2 was to be renewed in September 2016, and the release date was mentioned in August 2018. And, the first episode aired in April 2019. The delay was due to the change in production studio from Madhouse to JC Staff.

The premiere of OPM Season 3 in 2020 is unlikely as the anime has not been officially renewed. Also, the rumored possibility to return to the original animators might cause a further delay to season 3, and the chances to release the film in 2020 are quite low.

Petition by Fans

A petition was presented by OPM fans to bring back the previous director for the third season of One Punch Man. The reason is that the second season was of poor quality. The petition is still open for signing.

Season 3 update in March 2020

The second season focused on the introduction of the Monster Association and Garou. Too much hype was building around Garou until he proved not to be Saitama’s match. Now, it is only prudent to gather what the third season will be about. First, the third season will focus on the Monster Association arc. 

There will be massive heroes going into the monster hideouts, with a lot of fights. Garou will go into association with monsters too. However, if Garou takes the monster pills, he will become a worthy opponent for Saitama’s attention. 

New challenges excite One Punch Man as he is always in search of one, and this might be perfect for him! Hopefully, we will see One Punch Man finding a worthy opponent in the expected new season. The Monster Association leader Orochi is a strong character, but Saitama might defeat him with one blow.

Expectations in Season 3

As season 3 mainly focuses on Garou, there will be an introduction to the concept of limiters and also the real source of Saitama’s strength. The new release sounds interesting but predictions, which is why fans are eagerly waiting for the latest version.

Season three is likely to concentrate on the Monster Association with some incredible and excellent battles. A few saints will be seen going into the nook of beasts, which is a test for the ‘S’ rank beasts as they should demonstrate their abilities to outperform their cutoff to survive and win over the monsters. 

Garou will also be a part of this beast affiliation, which will end up as a deserving adversary to Saitama. In the past, Garou has been up for new challenges, and the new expectations are fascinating.

Production Challenges 

One-Punch Man (OPM) Season 2 premiered back in April 2019, and it was a season full of ups and downs. The time of production for the show was marred by a lack of production time, which resulted in an evil version of what should have been something good. 

However, that is all in the past, and now the focus is on season 3. Hopefully, what fans anticipate for the next season will be worth the wait and expectations. 

One Punch Man Season 3 Delay, Rumours

The release of season 3 is expected to release Japan in the fall of 2020 or Spring 2021. All these are rumors that we cannot confirm or deny. The production is ongoing, and considering the prevailing situation of COVID-19, the world is in lockdown or quarantine. It is hard to see the film release in the expected six months, and it is most likely there will be a push further.


The delay of One Punch Man Season 3 is not due to the lack of source manga chapters but different issues. The pacing of manga chapters of OPM is not set in a way that a new season can release yearly. 

There are enough Manga chapters in the Monsters Association arc for season 3. There must be a gap between the release of two seasons. OPM season 3 will soon debut with 12 episodes with a story based on the Monster Association arc.

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