Haikyuu Season 4: Release Dates & Updates

Haikyuu season 4

Haikyu is a famed Japanese shōnen manga series written by Haruichi Furudate. The series quickly gained recognition for its exciting and competitive plot. Hinata, a character in the series, has entertained a lot of fans of the series to become the greatest volleyball player in Japan. 

The long wait for season 4 of Haikyuu

When the third season of Haikyuu came to an end in December in the year 2006, the viewers did not receive any official update about the release of Haikyuu season 4. The Haikyuu Studio made no announcements and left the fans waiting for news regarding Haikyuu season 4.

Even during the opening event of the anime film adaption of Haikyuu in September 2017, the fans hoped to receive an announcement on the continuation of Haikyuu with a release of its fourth season. Everybody hoped that the production studio continued the series. One new season was all they were hoping for. 

The following year, 2018, The Haikyuu manga sold more than 28 million copies worldwide. When its fan base learned these figures, their optimism on the release of Haikyuu season four grew stronger.

The Big Announcement for Haikyuu Season 4

During the Jump Festa 2019 event, the production studio of the shōnen manga series affirmed the release of Haikyuu season four. They confirmed that there will be a new season and it is already under production now. With no big delay, this message reached almost every corner of the internet. 

To the surprise of the fanbase of Haikyuu, the production team also published a trailer for Haikyuu’s latest season. The trailer has now received thousands of views on YouTube. The views on the trailer show the enthusiasm of the fans that are eagerly waiting to watch the new season of Haikyuu. 

Haikyuu Season 4: A reboot?

Strangely, the production team did not name Haikyuu’s new season as just ‘Haikyuu Season 4’. It is in fact called, ‘Haikyuu – A New Series.’ The nomenclature has guided its fans to believe that the anime might probably come up with a new beginning. 

A few people have also started posting fan theories about this. However, it can be assuredly said that the haikyuu next season is not a reboot of any sort. The story will continue from where it was left in the last season.

The new season is just going to be a sequel to the ongoing Haikyuu story. Haikyuu season 4 will be showcasing a new start to the volleyball related journeys of Hinata and Kageyama, the two characters in the series.

Haikyuu Season 4: The Release Date

The production team has announced the release of Haikyuu season 4 and along with that it has released a trailer also. Moreover, the release date has also been disclosed by the production team of haikyuu. However, the accurate date has not been declared but we now know that it will be in the month of September of 2019. 

Seasons 2 and 3 of Haikyuu were aired in October of 2015 and 2016, respectively. If the production studio is to follow the same pattern, then we can say that the Haikyuu season will be aired in the month of October 2019 too.

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