8 Essential Forklift Safety Tips [Best Guide]

Forklifts are used to move large loads to and from loading docks. Despite their usefulness, forklifts can cause serious accidents when they’re not controlled properly. Use the following forklift safety tips to keep your warehouse accident free.

1. Hire a Trained Driver

You cannot let an unqualified person drive the forklift. You need a qualified driver that has gone through the right training and received the proper license to drive a forklift. Qualified drivers are less likely to make mistakes. They know all the rules of the trade.

You should also make sure that your driver undergoes a refreshment course every three years. That’s because forklifts are always getting improvements, and your driver needs to know how to use the new models.

2. Know the Different Types

There are different kinds of forklifts, and you need to know about all of them. For example, there is a forklift that you push by hand. It’s known as an electric motor rider truck. The safety rules for this kind of forklift and the internal combustion one are slightly different. You need to familiarize yourself with all of them to minimize accidents.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

The loading and unloading environment has different markings and signs for safety. The forklift driver must always make sure that they drive along the marked roads. If the driver goes outside the set boundaries, they can knock someone over or get into an accident with another truck.

The driver should also pay attention to the signs that show the loading capacity and ground clearance height. Looking at the environment prevents the driver from tipping the forklift over an edge or steep road.

4. The Load must be Stable

Transporting the load isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to make sure that both forks are firmly planted in the load before lifting it. Check the size, weight, and height of the load to see if it meets the requirements. It should be within the load limit. Before moving the load, make sure that it is low and tilted backward.

If the loads are stacked up on top of each other, use a rope to fasten and prevent them from falling over. That way, you make the load more stable. You should never try to push a load with the tip of the forks. If it’s too heavy, leave it alone.

5. Don’t be Too Fast

The forklift is not the only vehicle loading and unloading pallets in the warehouse. Other vehicles and individuals are doing the same thing. For that reason, you should always maintain the speed limit when driving a forklift. Driving too fast can lead to accidents.

You should never rush through a corner. Maintain the recommended speed. You should also check your surroundings before stopping the forklift. Making an abrupt stop can make someone knock you from behind.

6. No Extra Passengers

A forklift is designed for one person. The driver shouldn’t carry a colleague when using it. That’s because the machine is designed in a very special way. There is a stability triangle that a trained driver must maintain at all times. Carrying another person could lead to instability, causing the vehicle to tip over and injure both passengers.

7. Proper Parking

Before the driver switches off the forklift, they should make sure that it’s properly parked. There are designated parking areas for forklifts. The driver should also lower the forks until they touch the floor. That’s because the forks are a hazard that could poke at anyone not looking at where they are going.

8. Daily Inspection

A forklift is a machine like any other. It means that it’s prone to failures and breakdowns, which can lead to accidents during operation. You should inspect the forklift before it’s used.

If the forklift is going to do multiple shifts in a day, you must inspect it before every shift. Check the steering wheel, brakes, horn, and lights to make sure that they are working correctly.

Continuous usage can lead to mast and overhead damage. Make sure that you check these parts to make sure that nothing is amiss. You should also check for fluid leaks and tire pressure levels. Then, examine the forks to see if they are straight and without cracks.

The majority of forklift accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers and negligence. Make sure that everyone knows and follows the rules when they’re in the warehouse. Finally, for the best deals on new trucks, you should contact forklifts sunshine coast.


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