Is the Logo important for a Sports Betting Website?

Logos play an important role in the branding of any business no matter how small or big it is. It is like a signature that customers can recognize you by and if it’s a high-quality one it will remain in their minds for a long while. Think of iconic logos, such as Nike and McDonalds.

Whenever we see them, we instantly know what that business is all about. This is no different for sports betting websites, which are going to be our main focus in this article.

 We all know how betting works – you predict the result of a sports event and place a wager on that outcome. If you get it right, you win a large sum of money and if not, the bet you placed goes to the house.

This is a great business, and every culture has its own betting tactics and means of making predictions, but there is only one problem – the competition is fierce, and you must stand out from the crowd no matter what. How? By having a powerful brand presence. Having a timeless logo that people will recognize wherever they see is a good start.

Having an online presence is another crucial step for a successful business, especially that lately we’ve witnessed a transition from the offline to the online environment.

This is where authority websites come into play, as they do the research for you and have the best deals with the betting houses, which should give you a good idea of how the industry works.

Most sports betting websites are a combination mark, which means they are a mix between an image and the brand’s name. Some famous examples are Sports Interaction, PowerPlay Sports and SPIN Sports.

As you might have noticed, they all are representative of the industry and through the use of the “Sports” keyword, the audience can easily tell they are dealing with a betting house.

However, some brands, such as Betway or Bodog only use a wordmark, mostly because they’ve been around for a long time and they already have powerful brand awareness, and those that come across their logo will easily recognize who they are. Let’s find out exactly why logos play a crucial role in business success.

Brand Identity

Since logos reveal the identity of your brand, they must be present everywhere: on your products, business cards, your website. Betting companies also get a lot of exposure from sponsoring football T-shirts, which is a way to directly address their audience. By doing so, they communicate ownership and can tell their potential customers who they are and what their product is or how consumers can benefit from their services.

It has to be iconic

A well-designed logo will attract new customers that are willing to get to know you. People have always been drawn to colorful and interesting logo designs and it can make the difference for a customer, especially nowadays when the competition is fierce. Your logo should always be representative of your business, so anyone looking at it can tell from the very start what you have to offer.

It increases brand loyalty

Customers always crave consistency. As your brand becomes popular, your logo is going to be familiar to a great range of consumers, which will create a perception that your business is accessible and trustworthy. Remember the Nike example?

Think of when you’re looking for a pair of new sneakers. The moment you see a pair with the Nike swoosh on it, your buyer instinct tells you to buy them right away.

The reason this happens is that your mind already knows that the product is reliable because you trust this brand. Brand loyalty and trust are highly dependent on your logo, because if customers like your products, they will be looking for your brand again, and the emblem is the first thing they’ll look for.

It’s memorable

Another important aspect of your logo is for it to be memorable. They are your point of identification and a symbol used by the customer to recognize your brand. If you want people to instantly connect your logo with what the company does and how it makes them feel, your logo must be visually appealing and trigger positive emotions.

And as a matter of fact, statistics show that people are very likely to forget the name of your business, but they will associate your logo more easily with their memories of the brand.

Consumers expect it

You should know by now that customers expect you to have a logo and it’s the first thing they will look for when they come across any communication from your brand. Not having a logo is a missed opportunity to make your brand stick in the minds of the audience.

As you might have already figured, having a top-tier logo for your sports betting website is a vital part of establishing a presence and building a successful business.

But branding isn’t all about logos, you should always be aware of how the audience perceives your business and what your competition is doing differently. If all these points are checked off the list, it shouldn’t be difficult for your conversions to skyrocket.

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