I’m feeling Curious: Google Trick & Fun

I’m feeling curious” is more than just a fun trick that you can do on the Google search engine. It has been around 23 months to when this was first seen on Google. As soon as internet users came across this snippet, they knew this was a great way to kill boredom and learn things. 

Here is what exactly “I’m feeling curious” does and how it can be used. 

Using this trick would not let your minutes go away feeling unproductive. It is one of the most educational tricks present.  It can shoo away your boredom in a second and also leave your mind filled with interesting facts. This can be used as a way to increase your general knowledge on an everyday basis while having fun.

Google can provide you information of every kind. What happens when you type in ‘I’m feeling curious’ is, you get a box that is presented to you with a random fact. That particular box pops up with a question and an answer. You are provided with the source of the question and you can look up to the website for a deeper detail.

After you are done reading the first fact, you can look up to another fact as well. You might wonder how the box is coming up with so many questions. The facts come up from the questions submitted by millions of users each day to Google.

To use the ‘I’m feeling curious’ trick, you just have to visit Google.com and type the words ‘I’m feeling curious’ in the search bar. Hit Enter to see a random fact. This trick works for Google.co.uk, Google.co.in, Google.co.za, etc. too. 

Ask Another Question Button

What’s cool is that you can hit the “Ask another question” button and that too as many times as you wish to. This way you can get presented with a random fact box as many times as you desire. It is not easy to tell how many facts you can get in a day.

Google achieves the information by scraping content from reputable and well-known websites to provide you with good quality content. The internet contains endless information on endless topics and Google can easily get a hold of any of it. This is a super entertaining way to broaden your knowledge base.

The facts you pick up by using this trick can be used to converse with people at parties or other spaces. Spending a few minutes on this can help you gain a lot of knowledge. 

How and when did it begin?

Relying on Google trends, we can say that the trick was added to the search engine in the year 2015 in the month of September. 

There are a lot of tricks that can be performed on Google that can help you kill time and have fun. Like, do a barrel roll, which is pretty well-known. However, ‘I’m feeling curious’ is one of the most educational ones that you will find on the Google search engine.

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