How to Start Working Out at Home During A Lockdown?

The year 2020 might very well go down as a year that just refused to end. With coronavirus triggering lockdowns all over the world, people have found themselves walled in inside their homes. Cabin fever becomes your constant companion, and when people get bored, sometimes, people eat.

If you’re starting to feel like all that eating in lockdown is catching up to you, you might be considering starting a workout regimen at home. It’s a daunting idea: should you go without equipment, do yoga, or choose to take advantage of something like a Power Systems discount code

It can be intimidating to start, but don’t worry. Here’s some workout wisdom from us.

Put yourself first

Before everything else, figure out what kind of workout you want to start with. It’s good to choose a routine you feel comfortable revisiting multiple times in a week or month: the constant repetition is the point of the exercise, after all. It’s just good sense to choose a sustainable workout for yourself. 

Don’t feel the need to keep up with a trendy workout, or to choose something that is too ambitious. Consider your own comfort, and the level of physical activity you feel comfortable with. While exercising is about pushing yourself to the limit, don’t forget that this is about improving your wellbeing, first and foremost. 

Even if everyone is starting routines from popular YouTubers, if those routines are too difficult to keep up with for you, then don’t feel the need to do the same thing. Find a workout that works for you, with you in mind.

Get the right equipment

While starting your exercise journey can be as easy as taking up a jogging schedule or laying down and stretching out, it’s always good to consider the proper equipment for the exercise you choose. It’s a way to stay committed to working out consistently, as well as to keep yourself from getting injured or discouraged down the line.

Exercise, even at home, is still a physical activity that you could risk injury with if done improperly or without the right equipment. 

If you want to start with running, then get good, well-built shoes that can support your feet while you jog. For yoga, it’s a good idea to invest in a yoga mat that’s thick enough to keep your hands and feet from feeling the hard surface of the floor. If you’re interested in gymnastics, be sure to purchase some quality at home gymnastics equipment to ensure your safety. As for exercise equipment, check out Power Systems for the best and most affordable choices and start your workout routine right.

Stick to a schedule

Losing interest and getting bored is a feeling that comes with all new endeavors. To stay on your workout schedule, try setting an achievable goal for yourself with a schedule you can keep.

Maybe you can limit your workout days to two days a week and work yourself up, and set a weight loss or muscle gain goal to keep yourself celebrating each milestone. It’s a great way to stay motivated and to practice self-discipline. 

Reward yourself

Last but not least, remember to reward yourself when you hit the goals you set. You’ll feel more inclined to stick to your workout and diet if you can enjoy yourself once in a while as a treat. Make yourself a meal you’ve been craving, put your feet up and relax, or do a workout set to music, like a dance practice. The year is already hard enough- don’t make it even harder on your body.

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