The Need for Naturalization Attorney [Best Guide-2020]

Naturalization Attorney

As we all know, the United States of America is considered one of the top leading countries in the world. Based on the latest ranking for the year 2020, the United States is on the top #7 list.

The ranking was formed on the partnership of BAV Group and Wharton School of University in Pennsylvania, which considers the quality of lifestyle to the economic potential of a country.

For this reason, becoming a U.S citizen implies superb privileges, rights, and benefits, particularly in health and education. This is why people all over the world sacrifice to immigrate to America for a chance to have U.S citizenship.

There are four basic ways to become a U.S citizen:

  1. Citizenship by birth in the United States
  2. Citizenship through derivation
  3. Citizenship through acquisition and
  4. Citizenship through naturalization

Most foreign nationals in the United States were given the privilege to become a citizen through the naturalization process. Based on research, almost one million immigrants are applying for permanent residency every year. Here, we are going to provide some basic ideas and significance of an immigration lawyer to obtain your U.S citizenship.

Importance of Lawyer for Naturalization

The task of an immigration lawyer is simple, and that is to achieve the American Dream a reality for immigrants. They will guide you through the citizenship process, which requires a series of tests and steps. 

Requirements for Naturalization

Before you apply for U.S citizenship, here are the basic requirements for eligibility.

· Be at least 18 years old and

  1. Must have a green card for at least five years
  2. Must have a green card and be married to U.S citizen who provides petition paper for you for at least three years
  3. Must have a green card and serve the U.S Armed forces

· Born in and United States territories and

· U.S citizens were adopting a child from a foreign country and. It is allowed by the Child Citizenship Act of 2000

An immigration attorney can also share relevant information on how an immigrant visa can lead to successful U.S citizenship.

When to Apply for U.S Citizenship

According to the law, a green card holder immigrant must complete five years before applying for U.S citizenship. Attorneys can review your current status and advise the best action plan for you to become one of the U.S citizens of the United States.

Application Process for U.S citizenship through Naturalization

To become a naturalized person in the United States, an applicant must accomplish all the following requirements:

  1. It would help if you were a full-time resident of the United States for a specified period.
  2. You must know how to read and write. Also, I know how to speak English.
  3. You must promise to follow the law of the United States.
  4. You must know the U.S history and government
  5. You must possess an excellent moral character, with positive traits towards the United States

Once you comply with all the requirements, the next step is to complete an application for naturalization. It must include all the essential documents needed to support your request, such as a marriage certificate. 

If your application is approved, the last thing to do is to take the Oath of Allegiance to the United State during a formal ceremony. This is the day you will treasure it forever.

Final Thoughts

Applying a U.S citizenship is very crucial. This is a once in a lifetime chance, so there is no room for error. It’s time to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney who can give you advice on your eligibility requirements, critical documentation, and the step by step formula for achieving your dream to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. For more details, click here.

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