How To Clean Window Blinders 7 Tips And Tricks

The window blinders of the world are made with a variety of different materials and designs, but they all have a few common cleaning strategies that can really work to minimize the amount of time you spend having to clean them. That’s what good cleaning strategies are all about.

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You do a little trick here or there, and eventually, you cut down on some long, mind-numbing labor later. Your goal here is to use these tips and tricks to more steadily keep your window blinds clean and appealing.

1. The Sock Trick

If you have a pair of old socks you won’t mind to part with, you can slip these over each of your hands and get to work on creating sparkly new window blinders. Carefully dust between each slat. This is a quick way to straighten and dust the blinds before company pops by on a surprise visit. It’s actually kind of fun, too!

2. Grab a Paint Brush

A paintbrush can be especially handy if your blinds have stubborn stains on them that refuse to come out. Just mix some soap and water solution and use the paintbrush to dab away those pesky stains. This can get out stains so much more quickly than you believe it might.

3. Grab a Ruler

Wrap some type of cloth around a ruler and use it to clean your blinds. Depending on the type of blinds you have, this may or may not work wonderfully, but it’s one of the things you can give a shot if you’re in a real bind and need those blinders sparkling.

4. Regular Cloth Cleaning

Any type of cloth and dust remover solution is a terrific idea for cleaning your blinds. If you’ve got time to do regular maintenance on them, this is perhaps the best way to clean them: a little at a time. As you go along, you keep deep stains from developing and get rid of the pesky dust that might gather and cause damage to the blinds. Smoke stains are sometimes the worst enemy of blinds, so if you are a smoker, other techniques might be needed. Blinds ShutterUp Brisbane have blinds that are safe to use with the cloth.

5. Vacuum Attachments

Many happy homeowners and apartment residents have discovered the magic trick of using a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean their blinds. Whether you use hot, soapy water or plain old cleaning solutions, you’re going to really be able to get to those tough to reach spots in-between your blinds.

6. Dusters

Different types of dusters will produce different type results on specific blinds, so it’s best to experiment with dusters and see which one takes out the dust on your blinds the best. Some people prefer microfiber while others go with feather dusters. You can experiment all you want, and eventually, you’ll find a very handy tool in cleaning your blinds.

7. Dryer Sheets

A final trick for cleaning window blinders is to take a dryer sheet and rub it over the slats and in-between as best as you can. This will attract the contaminants on your window blinds and take them out of your way really easily. Dryer sheets are usually right in the home and easily accessible, and since they serve two purposes, it’s a very economical way to keep your window blinds clean and sturdy.

Perhaps the beginning point of all of this is to find out what type of blinders you have. The material the blinds are made out of will determine what type of cleaner will work best on them and what kind of cleaners you might want to avoid when you begin cleaning.

Blinds are a tricky household object to clean because of the crevices between each blind and the very specific points you have to reach, but the truth is that once you start regularly cleaning your blinds, they won’t need a deep cleaning quite so often.

Regular cleaning is the best way to avoid those backbreaking “deep cleans” that so many people have to do every spring. Clean your blinders as you go along, and come springtime everything will be bright and sunny just like it should be.

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