How Manager Self-Service Software Can Improve and Empower a Company?

It is no secret that many employees want to have a sense of agency over their work and are more than capable of taking on subsequently added responsibility. The same is often true of managers: they seek independence in running their small piece of a larger whole. 

Fortunately, manager self-service software can help with this. Manager self-service software is a user-friendly platform that allows managers access to a database that can help them take control of their team in an efficient, organic manner. Here is how it works:

What Exactly is Manager Self-Service Software?

Manager self-service software is essentially a platform that allows managers to have access to employee information and initiate reactions between other employees. Manager self-service software eliminates the need for a separate HR employee, as all of the duties normally carried out by an HR staff are compatible with the software.

The software can manage such tasks as creating employee schedules, conducting employee surveys, searching and approving applicants to be interviewed, reviewing and approving time-off requests, reviewing and changing employee time cards, and reviewing, approving, and denying requests for employee reimbursement. 

Manager self-service software makes all of these resources available on a single platform, making it easily accessible both to employees and managers.

Who Benefits from Manager Self-Service Software?

Manager self-service software is ideal for any company looking to make its work teams more independent. The software promotes a streamlined way of conducting business, which both employees and managers have found preferable to a chain of command. With managers, HR reps, and scheduling officers all able to work from one platform, it is much easier for employees to communicate what best meets their needs for optimal productivity.

In line with the hands-off capabilities of manager self-service software, remote work is a much more feasible option. This is good news, as now nearly 70% of the American workforce spends at least one day a week working from home.

Manager self-service software also promotes transparency with security. This establishes trust between employer and employee. In an age where data is often currency traded among different organizations, it only makes sense to ensure that employees’ information is kept strictly confidential. This blend of accessibility and safety guarantees that employees feel that their most sensitive information is secure at all times. 

In Sum

Manager self-service software may very well become the norm for most companies. By consolidating multiple roles into a single platform, manager self-service software streamlines the workplace while also establishing agency and engagement among employees.

The software’s capacity for data storage, as well as application, means that it can do much of the heavy lifting in a company without breaking a sweat, leaving employees and managers alike to focus on their work without getting bogged down in timecards and scheduling. 

In sum, manager self-service software can add immeasurable value to a company.

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