Fix Netflix Error Code: m7353-5101 [June 2020]

Error Code: m7353-5101

Netflix is a well-known streaming platform in a lot of nations. One can use Netflix for watching various kinds of video content including, Movies of all genres, latest and popular Television Series, and a lot more. 

A lot of us understand and accept the advantages of the Web. Among the significant advantages of having the Web, is the existence of  Netflix, that helps us to escape our hectic daily routine and have some leisure time for ourselves. The odds of getting an error while making the most of your loved program can result in concern.

A large number of us are contributing to the experience of getting the Netflix error code m7353-5101. The issue is emerging due to the expansion of the program that is a generous boundary to the avoidance of Netflix from working appropriately on your device

1. Turn off the browser extensions:

The Essential explanation behind “Netflix error code  M7252-5101” in Windows 10 is your program expansion. The extensions can meddle and interfere with Netflix. Follow the below-given steps to turn off your extensions:

For the Mozilla Firefox: 
  • Run Mozilla Firefox.
  • Open the ADD-ON tab. 
  • From the following window, click on Extensions. 
  • Next, click on the blue switches underneath every one of the augmentations to turn them off. 
For Google Chrome: 
  • Run Google Chrome. 
  • Then in its location/URL bar type “chrome://expansions/” and click on “Enter”. 
  • A complete list of the extensions will appear on the screen.
  • Snap-on the blue switch catches underneath each of the extensions for turning them off. 

When done, visit your Netflix account and check is the error still exists. If the errors are yet happening, take a chance, and repeat the same procedure mentioned above. In any case, this time, make a point to disable every extension individually and check for the error code after every one of them. This progression will let you know which extension was responsible for the error.

2. Clearing cache and cookies

Clearing cache and cookies may, for the most part, result in fixing the error and analyzing the Netflix server. For doing as such: 

For Mozilla Firefox: 
  • Open Mozilla Firefox and type “about:preferences#privacy” in its    location/URL bar and press “Enter”. 
  • Presently click on the “wipe data” button. 
  • Tick both the checkboxes for “cookies and website information” and Reserved web content.” 
  • In conclusion, click on the “clear data” catch to continue. 
For Google Chrome: 
  • Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl + Move + erase out and out. You’ll visit the unmistakable peruse information window. 
  • From the time duration, select the alternative “all-time” 
  • Presently tick the checkboxes for “cookies and site information” and “cached pictures and documents.” 
  • Finally, continue by tapping on the “clear data” option.

3. Restarting windows 10 

Refreshing Windows 10 may resolve the Netflix error “M7252-5101” code now and again.  For this step, you have to look at whether your windows are completely updated or not.

  • From the beginning menu, type “Setting” and select the alternative “Windows Update settings.” 
  • Look for any new updates if they are available. If not, you can likewise tap on the “Check for refreshes” tab. 
  • then click on the “Update” tab and let the procedure get finished all alone. It will consequently refresh and introduce the most recent Window 10 update. 
  • At the point when done, restart your framework.  There is a chance that the issue is solved now.

4. Disabling third party anti-virus

Third-party antivirus programs may cause various issues in your PC, including the error “M7353-5101” on your Netflix account utilization. For the situation, follow the means beneath: 

A few users may need to cripple third-party antivirus programs to fix the M7353 Netflix error. Right-click the framework plate symbol for your third-party antivirus utility to open its settings menu.  The antivirus utility’s setting menu will most likely incorporate an incapacitate choice or something to that effect you can choose to incidentally turn it off. At that point have a go at viewing a Netflix film with the antivirus incapacitated.

5. Turn off proxy server:

Take a chance at debilitating the Use an intermediary server setting in the case that you have it empowered. 

  • Press the Windows key + R hotkey for the Run frill. 
  • Information inetcpl.cpl in Run, and press the Enter key. 
  • select the Connections tab on the Internet Properties window that opens. 
  • go to LAN settings to open the window in the shot legitimately underneath 
  • Deselect the Use a proxy server alternative there. 
  • Press OK to leave the window, and press the Apply button.

6. Update chrome’s widevine content module

A few users may be facing the Netflix error code “M7353-5101” due to out-dated “Chrome’s Widevine Content Decryption Module.” Rebooting the module can resolve the issue sometimes. Go as per the directions displayed below:

  • Log in to  the Chrome program and in the location/URL bar type “chrome://parts/.” 
  •  Look for the “check for update option below the Widevine Content Decryption Module and select it.
  • You can relaunch the program once the refreshing procedure gets finished. 

Similarly, rather than refreshing the module, you can likewise refresh the Chrome program by and large. For doing as such, in the Chrome URL bar, type “chrome://settings/help” and press “Enter.” 

This will refresh Chrome.

7. Restart your computer

One final fix that may work for some users is a framework restart. On occasion, the Netflix error code “M7353-5101” may likewise happen because of some action out of sight. Maybe by rebooting your computer would fix the problem easily. Be that as it may, it would once in a while be the reason. 

You may go over some standard errors while using Netflix once in a while. As is one of the most mainstream Netflix problem codes, “M7353-5101”. For fixing it, you can attempt any of the six fixes clarified previously.


The different strategies referenced in this article will help you in continuing back to using your Netflix account normally once again. In any case, if the error persists, you should immediately contact the Netflix support or Netflix customer care service.

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