Code Geass Season 3- The Release Date & Every Information

The Japanese animated series called the Code Geass was created by Sunrise and directed by Gorō Taniguchi. Its first ever episode was released on October 5th in the year 2006 and was called ‘The day a new demon was born’. The anime is set in an alternate timeline.

Code Geass focuses on how the former prince Lelouch vi Britannia obtains a power known as Geass and decides to use it to obliterate the Holy Britannian Empire, a superpower that has been conquering various countries.

Code Geass Season 3

Code Geass is one of the animes that leave you wondering about it for a long time after you have finished watching it. It has a good blend of action, fighting, unconditional love and the storyline stays strong. 

The final two episodes were aired on July 29, 2007, and received an early screening in Tokyo and Osaka theaters a week earlier. It has a total of twenty-five (25) episodes in all.

About Code Geass Season 3

Lately, the rumors had been teasing the fans about the Code Geass season 3. It turned out that there was NO SEASON 03 meant to be released. In the year 2016, they did announce a new project, but never a new season. However, the fans ended up misinterpreting it to be a new season.

It was later revealed that this project was actually a single movie which is called the “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection”, being announced on November 27, 2016.which has been released in Japanese theaters in February 2019 (this year). Its release in the west remains unknown, however, it had been decided that it would be released in May 2019, but it has not been released all around the world as of now.

The movie follows the recent trilogy from the previous year and is a part of the alternate universe. It does not follow the original TV series. The creators of Code Geass finished off the franchise after season 2 by bringing an end to it which was very much appreciated by the audience.

Funimation had licensed the English dub for Code Geass for the new trilogy. The Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection’s dub is said to come out in North American theaters in the year 2019 apparently, but an exact premiere date has not yet been announced so far.

The sole reason that stands behind the creation of the single movie is that the creators didn’t want to change the ending at all since they were quite satisfied with how the season had ended, and so were the audience. Creation of Code Geass Season 3 would have changed the ending made it worse, and so they chose to create an alternate universe; that is, a whole new single movie instead of continuing the season 2.


Thus, the hoax of the Code Geass Season 3 just remained to be a rumor which some fans wished got true, whereas the other fans were happy to have the old ending as the original one and appreciated the decision of the creators of not amending the same.

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