American Idol: Will Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler be the new judges for season 3?

While ABC Network has graciously agreed to renew American Idol for a third season, despite the average ratings garnered by the last season of American Idol, this good news does have a dark side to it.

If the whispers of our sources are to be believed, it is definitely quite possible for Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to return as the queen and king of the jury in American Idol. These speculations stem from the fact that ABC might not be willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of money, like before, to pay the judges. American Idol Judges used to get big pay as mentioned above!

American Idol Judges

Keeping in mind that American Idol judges Katy Perry alone, goes home with 25 million USD for every season she is a part of, and Luke Bryan rakes in a good 12 million USD per season as well, makes the decision of bringing back our old favorites, a reasonable one.

However, Luke Bryan has been reported saying that he is willing to renegotiate contracts and is positive that he, along with beloved Lionel Richie and the queen of Pop,  Katy Perry, shall most definitely be reinstated to their familiar positions in American Idol’s upcoming season. No such comments have been acquired either from Katy or Richie.

While we understand the pressing financial forces at play, we do hope that Luke Bryan returns as the ray of sunshine he is, and keep doling out pats on backs.

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