5 Main Ways to Improve Your Business Online Presence

Today, the internet is available almost everywhere in the world and to people of all ages. Not having an online presence for your business means that potential customers will have a difficult time finding you. There may be many other online businesses like yours out there and the competition is stiff. However, you can take the spotlight if you use the right marketing ideas.

Here are 5 main ways that will improve your business’ online presence:

Offer the Best Possible User Experience

The way you present your business to internet users has a decisive effect on your success. Regardless of the industry that you activate it, you would most probably have considerable competition from similar companies to yours. To stand out in the crowd and offer your customers a user experience that they cannot find anywhere else, hiring experienced web designers like Clay San Francisco may be necessary.

Make sure that your company’s website is easy to navigate. Add high-quality information and lose irrelevant data. Make it as compact as possible without too many sections or unnecessary pages. Also, add social media buttons for the most used networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If your website also serves as an online shop, make it as intuitive as possible. Most internet buyers like to get rapidly through the sales process, so do not destroy their experience with useless procedures.

Unless you desperately need advertising money, do not overcrowd your website with ads from your sponsors. Too many pop-ups or advertisements could annoy your visitors and turn them to your competition.

Improve Your Business Site Security

The internet has evolved to become our no.1 resource for information, news, and shopping. We rely on the good intentions of providers and online companies that present their products without ill-using our data or preferences.

Unfortunately, the negative side of the internet has never stopped developing. Hackers have come up with new and elaborate ways of deceiving and robbing people online. Now, they do not stop at phishing scams or pyramidal schemes. They engage in user personal data theft, which they then sell forward for a substantial profit. This can harm your ability to conduct business as usual such as receiving payments online. To protect your business online it’s important to complete PCI secure coding training. Doing so will help your business with 12 security steps that are essential to protecting your online presence.

To improve your business’ online presence you need to increase the security on your company website. Employ the highest standard of data safety for your users. People who visit your pages should be completely safe from hacking attacks whether they want to make a purchase or simply subscribe to your newsletter.

Boost Your Presence on Social Media

Having a website for your business is not enough to command a powerful online presence anymore. Nowadays, social media is the new craze, and you are likely to find more customers on Facebook and Instagram than anywhere else.

According to this report, by 2021 almost 3.9 billion people will be using social media. It means that in less than two years there will be almost double the number of current social network users. You cannot disregard such a significant pool of potential customers. A large percentage of these people may be your loyal, long-term clients.

Your best choice is to increase your activity on social media. Make sure that you have a profile for your company on every major social network out there. Even if you personally don’t use them, your business must be present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and so on.

If you have trouble attracting attention to your social media profiles, you can always employ professional advice from socialboss.org. Get your company’s name on every platform and engage with potential customers from all over the world.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

More than 82% of the Alexa 100 Top Sites have a mobile version. Most of these websites represent major, worldwide companies. These large corporations know that they cannot ignore the importance of being available for their clients on small, handheld devices.

In recent years, the average internet user has changed his focus from desktop machines to mobile smartphones or tablets. You must ensure that you follow this trend accordingly. More and more users like to be able to access their favorite sites on their phones wherever they are. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly webpage, you risk losing important business.

It may seem like a significant investment, but having your company’s website perfectly optimized for handheld devices is worthwhile. In the long-term, you will have a wider reach to potential customers. The return on investment will be both financially substantial and beneficial for your online presence. 

Increase Your Browser Ranking

Last, but not least, the rank that you have on search engines like Google determines your success. To have an even more powerful online presence, you need to boost your ranking and appear sooner in people’s search results.

Consider listing your company in major business directories to gain as much online popularity as possible. The higher you appear in these browsers, the more people will know about your products and services. It means that you will drastically enhance traffic to your website, get more customers and drive sales.

Also, you should put your company website in all the local directories in your area. If you have a physical shop or office, you will be able to attract more customers and collaborators from your vicinity. This way, you will not only increase your online presence but also your local niche dominance.

These are the main ways to boost your business’ online popularity. Use them wisely and update them frequently to stay ahead of your competition.

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