Why You Should Use Shopping Bags To Optimise Brand Awareness

Shopping Bags

Every one of us seems to have a habit of packing a lot of items that we don’t need. This is one of the reasons that make bags of accessories that are indispensable. Bags are always a trend in the market because of their all-purpose storage for almost anything you can think of.

Most likely, you won’t be able to walk for more than a mile without seeing a customer heading to work or a grocery store with a shopping bag. Imagine the number of other people that will also see the same customer, with the same shopping bag, on their way out and back home. This makes a customer with a shopping bag a potential mobile billboard.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the most effective advertising medium that would create lasting impressions is the use of branded bags. About 50% of the customers in the US own a promotional shopping bag. This is the reason why shopping bags capture the attention of viewers more than other promotional outerwear and shirts.


When you consider the advantages of promotional shopping bags, you will conclude they are worth the investment. They can help develop goodwill among your customers and magnify your brand’s message.

People can keep in touch with your company long after their first experience with you or your staff because of the branded shopping bags you give them. Here are a few ways shopping bags help in optimizing the awareness of your brand. Visit eco bags UK to discover amazing promotional shopping bag designs.

  • LOW CASH INVESTMENTS: Digital ads and traditional media run for specific periods of time. This means that you need to keep renewing your subscriptions to keep your sponsored ads running. In other words, you need to keep spending to be known. Branded shopping bags cost less than digital ads or traditional media. According to ASI, newspaper ads cost 3.2 cents and mobile ads cost 1 cent. However, promotional products like shopping bags cost about 7 cents for every impression. Keep in mind that the cost of these products is paid just once.
  • DURABILITY: Branded shopping bags are portable, functional, and visual. They go beyond solving the problem of carrying items around. They help to widen your audience reach because they gain mind-blowing exposure locally. Reports show that an average customer will use a particular promotional bag for 7 months. People often refuse to dispose of promotional products even if they do not want them.
  • SHOPPING BAGS ARE RELEVANT: If you are thinking about an amazing way to target various audiences, branded shopping bags are your best bet. They resonate with people of different occupations, ages, and socio-economic groups. In fact, they are not gender-stereotyped as they can be used by all. Statistics show that about 42% of men and 57% of women in the US own promotional shopping bags. A good tip is that you should pick a design that is neutral and can fit all.

Promotional shopping bags can be gifted to your customers and they can help spread the message of your business to the world in return.

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