10 Step Checklist for Planning Out Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Let us help you take the stress out of the holidays and start planning now.  Our team made the best list for you and all you will need. We want this holiday season to be the best that it can be. So let’s get started in taking a look at some ideas on how to plan for Christmas.

  1.  The best time of the year to start looking at the holidays is as soon as you can.  We think if you want less stress start in September. Start planning with your family as soon as you can so you know when you all can get together.
  2. Plan out all the major sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And all the flash sales that could be happening all over.  Keep lists to ensure you get what you need and do not go over budget.
  3. Start planning your Christmas cards in September. It is the best time for mailing because no one else is thinking that far ahead yet. However, if you do end up waiting until the last minute, it’s easy to find traditional Christmas ecards online.
  4. Getting those gift cards and mailing them out to your fellow work friends or your extended family. There are amazing options for gift card envelopes that show you care.  Gift cards are the best gifts we believe because you don’t have to really think about a gift they can buy what they like. For your work friends, you can get them their favorite restaurant or coffee shop.  It shows them that you are thinking of them.
  5. Have your children in your life send your Christmas lists. Either through the mail or just a simple text.  Always have a plan on what stores you will looking at and get an idea of pricing.  Having ideas make things easier for you.  They like gift cards too and there are all kinds of great gift card envelopes to make them fun to receive.
  6. Start food prepping in early October. Such as looking for recipes and look for new things to try along with your Grandmother’s recipes. See what you will need to buy. Get a head start before everyone else. Get the deals and freeze the stuff you can freeze so that you have more time to enjoy the holiday.
  7.  If you have a family that is too far to travel to send the gift cards through the mail. Gift cards are the best way to give a gift because then they spend the card on what they like. Use one of our gift card envelopes to protect your gift cards through the mail.
  8. Start ordering from Amazon early because they start backing up around December. Do to so many people ordering at once and prime can get backed up to 5 days instead of 2.
  9. Plan your theme for Christmas such as if you plan on buying new things for this Christmas theme such as a new tree, Christmas village or wanting to start a new tradition.
  10.  Keep all the receipts or get gift receipts. Just in case they don’t like what you got or it does not fit.

These are the best 10 steps for a stress-free Christmas. Start planning now and start shipping out your gift cards sooner rather than later. Beat the crowds and remember to pick up some amazing gift card envelopes.

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