Why are CS: GO Skins Worth So Much?

Branding is a priceless endeavor. The reason brands like CocaCola and Apple are priceless or worth a lot is because of their quality and trust in people. In order to maintain this reputation, they need to stand out as well. This means a unique appearance.

And, in order to maintain this appearance, they need to spend billions. CS: GO skins are something like that. It is virtual like a CocaCola logo, but it is a unique identifier. It gives a new appearance. In many cases, there is only one such skin.

The best players, teams, and gamers want them to be unique and stand out. CS: GO skins allow for this possibility without affecting gameplay performance. These skins do not offer enhanced firepower or life, but branding. And, branding is worth a lot. It is a reward of high value.


Whenever there is competition, whether for a new oil field or a new CS: GO knife, the worth of the winning item increases because there are many people competing with each other to win new skin.

This makes it rewarding. Not only people use their skills to beat the other player, but they win something that uniquely identifies them as a winner. It is like a seal or a rank in the army.

The stars or stripes don’t have any worth or are very valuable. Only the one who has shown some great gameplay and wins makes records, etc get some of the best skins.

What makes this interesting is that people bet and sell them online through various websites. And, people with money buy them as well. That means that the more unique and qualified a skin is the higher is the price. Consider a vintage car that is only one of the five left.

If anyone would like to get their hands on, they have to bid, and the owner will give it away to the highest bidder only.

This Makes a Few Things Clear

  • CS: GO skins are worth a lot because they help create unique branding for a gamer online.
  • CSGO knives, weapons, etc. are worth real money too because people sell and buy them.
  • The higher is the demand for a skin, the more unique it is, the tougher is the competition and the higher is the price.
  • When the price is higher, the competition gets even tougher, and only the best players have the chance to win them.
  • CS: GO skins are like rewards for the best player with the best skill set, and that means it has a lot of worth.

Supply & Demand

Even if the above things seem logical, one might be still confused about the prices. For example, CS: GO knives are priced at 100Euros on the Steam Community. There are several other websites too that list CS: GO skins and allow people to buy and sell them.

This ecosystem is confusing. As to who sets these prices and why would anyone bother to pay someone their hard-earned cash for something cosmetic only? Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on something like changing the physical appearance of their weapons online?

It seems very irrational at first and learning that this business model is still working after so many years, it is nearly impossible to believe.

The answer is supply and demand. People can spend millions of dollars on a piece of white sheet that is listed as a piece of art on a website, or a piece of banana stuck on a wall with tape, CS: GO skins are still worth a ton. It is all about players who can afford such hefty prices and have the time to devote for the same. It is not for all or at all necessary.

To make one thing clear, CS: GO skins are not a requirement for developing your skills as a great player or a team in Counter-Strike. These skins only help change your appearance of weapons, knives, etc. to give you a personal look and feel.

When people who have enough to spare want to have the coolest weapons and skins, they are ready to go and buy them. Not everyone is a great layer or knows if they can find some skins by winning a competition or a record-breaking match.

If you want something you like a lot, you can go ahead to a store and purchase it. This is the reason there is a CS: GO market and those who are rich can place bids and get the best-looking stuff.

This means that no one sets those prices, but they just evolve. Some CS: GO skins are worth a few dollars only, while some of the costliest skins like the Dragunov with Dragon Lore style AWP cost more than $61,052 when it sold out. It was the most expensive CS: GO skin to be sold in January of 2018. Since then, many have come forward and even higher prices are set.

  • The Case Hardened AK-47 is only $62 on the market. Since AK-47 is the most famous weapon in CS: GO, everybody is equipped with one. With a few dollars, if you can spare, you can have your weapon a lot different from the rest of the others. It is in the top 10 list of 2020.
  • Crimson Web M9 Bayonet is one of the most expensive CS: GO knives out there. In the top 10 list again, this is worth $256 as of now. Even though the knife looks scary without the skin, using this gives it a branding like no other. It is instantly recognizable in a match.
  • Medusa AWP is one of the expensive takes with a price tag of $2000. It is a very beautiful skin indeed, and players who love looking badass and adding nice effects can get this great skin. It is too instantly recognizable.

Dragon Lore Standard that is priced at $2020 is the most expensive skin on the Steam market. Though, the variant listed above that sold for an exorbitant price of over $60,000 is the highest priced skin that was sold.

It was a variant of this AWP. CS: GO skins can reach very high price tags because of these factors like supply and demand, competition, and affordability.

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