Which best describes the role of the US supreme court in the 2000 presidential election?

This presidential election is nothing new for the United States to face in history. This election is being scheduled for November 3rd of 2020 which is between the nominees who are standing for the post of president and vice president of the united states of America. This coming presidential election will be the 59th election quadrennial presidential election.

In this election, the supreme court has some role and powers for electing their upcoming president and a vice president they can also re-elect the president, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence. Let’s see the role of the US supreme court in this particular election. 

We all know that this election will be between Donald Trump and Joe Biden which is also between the republican and democratic parties. This election is where the Supreme court chooses the President of the United States rather than the people of the United States.

This claim was the product of the 2000 Florida Vote Tally (a recounting polling cycle in Florida) which started weeks after voting day between AI Gore and George W. Bush. The supreme court stopped the recount in Florida, which resulted in Bush’s win and election for the Presidential. It is hard to say who would have won if the recount proceeded, as the results are different depending on the standard.

The main reason which makes the role of the supreme court heavy in the presidential election is when it stopped a recount in Florida, resulting in Bush’s election. The supreme court has intervened in the election which is to be held on November 3rd, to resolve the confusion over the election.  The role of the supreme court in Florida’s election recount is what describes its role in the presidential election 2000. 


We all know Florida’s election recount issue which settled the dispute in 2000. Bush vs Gore was the decision of the United States Supreme Court. The court primarily halted the Florida Recount that was occurring. Eight days earlier the supreme court decided the closely released case of Bush vs Palm Beach Country Canvassing Board. 

This made the supreme court’s role huge in the upcoming Presidential Election of the United States Of America. As the head of the Judicial Branch, the Supreme court also must protect civil rights and liberties by striking down the laws that violate the US constitution, this might also be the reason for the US supreme court entering this presidential election 2000.

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