What Exactly Is the Difference Between Photography and Videography?

A lot of people usually puts these two things in the same category which is understandable because they both use a camera, but the fact still remains that they are not the same thing and there are some differences between the two. Perhaps the most basic difference between the two is photography involves taking a single image while videography involves taking a series of images played in sequence at a specific rate.

Photography and Videography

If you still don’t get the whole difference between photography and videography, in this article we are going to share some insightful differences between the two so that you can be able to consider them as two different things when one day you will need to hire a videographer or photographer for your event.

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Difference Between Photography and Videography

1. Director vs. documenter.

A photographer is some kind of a director in away. He will be talking and the people listen, he will be like I can’t see you come closer, put your hands at the back, look at me, tilt your head left, look at each other, look into his eyes, those are just some of the things that every photographer say and do. Yes, he will let the bride and groom do things their way but the time he will be required to direct some things from time to time.

A photographer will in most cases in control of the first part of the wedding directing those family photos that are at times very stressful. A photographer who is a director will be able to handle every situation calmly and shoot some excellent photos.

A videographer, on the other hand, is completely opposite of a photographer. A videographer is no director, he puts his hands off the proceedings of the wedding. 99 percent of the shots a videographer will take are usually candid and not- posed actions. He will be moving from one position to the other like a ninja trying to find people showing real emotions and laughing so that he can film them and add them to the wedding video.

A videographer has to find the actions in stationary and think what people are about and be sure to be there before they do it so as to film the moment. Unlike photographers who pose people, a videographer will capture the people breaking those poses and capture them smiling and laughing while in most cases they don’t even know they are being recorded.  He will be documenting the journey instead of directing their destination.

2. Frame vs. Experience.

The photos that will be taken during your event will be displayed throughout your home. If taken care of well enough, they will be pieces of art that the children of your children and children after that are going to see. Your grandchildren are going to know how you used to be when you were young and the photos are going to help them know even if it is just a little about you.

A video of your event, on the other hand, is an experience. If for example, it is your wedding video, it will be serving as a reminder of that experience you had during your wedding. When you hear that song that you danced to or the words your mom said for her toast you will just be remembering that moment.

When watching the wedding video, it can literally bring the viewers to tears as the video shot by professional videographers are usually very emotional and they can be able to bring people closer. The video will be a way to relive the wedding day and remembering those who were involved.

3. Still vs. Motion.

It is pretty obvious that while taking the photos the person will need to be still and pose for an excellent photo. A photographer shoots images and usually waits for that exact second so as to capture that moment that is going to make you happy. He will need to wait for the person to produce that perfect smile before capturing that moment. A photographer is always ready to take a shot at any time as long as a moment seems real.

A videographer, on the other hand, shoots during motion. There is no waiting for the right time so as to press the recorder because for a videographer every moment is the right one. If he waits too long before pressing record, he might end up missing some serious moments.

A video is more intensive than photography when it comes to posting work. At the end of the day, a videographer might end up with raw footage of about 4 hours. In most cases, a good part of the video is usually shaky probably about 75 percent making it a lot of work to get a good video from there.

A videographer might still decide to use stabilizers or even drones for the footage. If a videographer goes this route, the editing will be less since the shaky moments will be less. However, if you prefer something natural, you might want to consider hiring a handheld videographer as a video shot by a handheld videographer will look more natural and it will have a personality into them.

4. Instant gratification vs. patience.

When it comes to editing a photo, a photographer will adjust the saturation, the clarity, sharpness, blue highlights and whatever else that needs to be edited and boom, a beautiful photo will be ready and everybody will be happy. Some images will need to be taken for Photoshop but still, the editing process of photography is just a limited.

Video editing, on the other hand, is completely a whole new thing. A videographer will need to add music, cut the shots at the exact times among other things. In short, there is usually a lot of patience required when it comes to editing videos.

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