What Changes Casino Players Expect to See in 2020?

Casino Players

What could happen in 12 months? Surely gambling at your local or online casino may not be too different in the next year – or will it? Here are some of the best predictions for changes in the casino through 2020. You probably won’t need your VR headset just yet, but there is still a lot to eagerly anticipate.

1. More Skill-Based Slot Games

Bricks-and-mortar casinos are cutting down on the nostalgia by swapping those fruity machines and alike with modern video slot games. Their hands are being forced when they need to maximise returns on floor space and start offering games that the mass market enjoys.

As millennials are growing up and becoming a large section of the market, the gambling industry has to cater to a demand for engaging slot games, skill-based slots and for video slots rather than simpler games.

Online casinos don’t have this problem of course. They can still offer many types of online slots from yesteryear and today because floor space isn’t a concern for them. One excellent example is found by browsing the slot selection at PartyCasino. They boast both old classics and modern slot games for all preferences.

2. More Female Players

The days when a trip to the casino was always a male outing are over. Today, women gamble more than ever and that is due to multiple factors. The reduced stigma of gambling and accessibility via apps and online casinos are two of them. Another is that many casinos are now marketed especially to women.

We can expect this trend to increase further as we enter a new decade in the industry.

3. Crypto Payments Enabled

Cryptocurrencies are already being accepted in many casinos, in-person and online. Most of the time the crypto is exchanged for the fiat currency of the casino and play goes on. Some casinos are exclusively crypto casinos. In 2020, it is likely that both of these trends will grow and players will be making crypto deposits to enjoy more efficient – and arguably safer – gambling.

4. Faster App Play

The fourth industrial revolution is responsible for blockchains and crypto expansion, but it is also harnessing smart cities with lightning-fast internet speeds. Talk of the town is that 5G technology will allow our smartphones to become capable of more – and that includes apps and gaming.

Game developers in the industry may be able to get a little more sophisticated in the future, knowing that 5G technology will help their games run smoothly on the move. When mobile gambling is so rife, this can only be a positive thing for everyone. Casino players expect faster app play!

Looking Past 2020

These are all exciting trends we expect to see in the coming twelve months. What comes after 2020 maybe even more exciting? 2021 may even be the year that virtual reality casinos start popping up. Imagine playing at a VR casino and then walking around the poker table to start your shift as a VR casino employee. It could be possible in the not-so-distant future. These are the Changes Casino Players Expect to See in 2020.

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