Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress

You spend a lot of time asleep and the sleep you get must be peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating. To get a relaxing night’s sleep you need to have the right mattress. Buying a cheap mattress is no good, you have to find a mattress that gives you a good night’s sleep, and leaves you feeling as fresh as a daisy when you wake up. Aside from price, do you know the differences between mattresses and do you know what type of mattress you want to buy? It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all mattresses are the same but they are not and there are lots of differences that you may not think are that important, but when it comes down to it they make a huge difference to your body and your sleep.

As everyone sleeps differently it is important to remember that there is no one size fits all when it comes to purchasing a mattress so what suits you might not suit your partner. It is also essential that you remember that your body changes as you get older and so do your needs. For example, a soft mattress might have been comfy and soft in your early 20’s but in your early 40’s you may find yourself slumped into the mattress and struggling to get out.

things to consider when buying a mattress
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How big a mattress are you looking at and how much space do you have to fill. For example, if you are taller you will want a longer mattress such as a king or California king, whereas if you are sleeping on your own and you are not so small you might get away with a full. The space you have also determined the size of the mattress. For example, if your bedroom or sleeping area is tiny then there is no use looking at king mattresses. To get a really good feel for sizes follow this link and see if the dimensions and measurements are in line with what you are thinking about and looking at. Size should be one of your first considerations when it comes to finding a new mattress, so establish what size you are after and why and from here you will have a narrower search criterion to work from.


Depending on your budget the filling of your mattress will vary. Do you want coil sprung, duck feathers, foam or a combination? The filling will of course affect the price but it will also affect how it feels to lie on and ultimately sleep in. Look at what you are sleeping on at the moment, is it too comfy that you don’t want to get out in the morning or are you fed up with coils and springs digging in your back and stomach all night.


Washable And Easy To Clean

Everything needs a good clean and wash and mattresses are no different. Mattresses get stained and dirty very quickly, even when a mattress protector is used. So, when you are looking at mattresses it is important to think about how easy they are to clean and how quickly they dry. If you have kids or you have a weak bladder and you have those nighttime accidents then ease and quickness of cleaning should be one of your top considerations. Some mattresses can be cleaned and others can be washed using a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer, so don’t overlook ease of cleaning.

Hard Or Soft

Do you like to fall into your mattress like a marshmallow or do you want to lie on your mattress and feel like you are lying on a piece of board! Some people sleep well on soft mattresses that envelope them as they sleep, while some like to be still and rigid. Knowing the softness or hardness of the mattress that you want comes down to personal preference so think carefully about whether you enjoy moving about in the night or not.

Warranty or Guarantee

Not all mattresses come with guarantees or warranties and this is concerning especially if there are problems or issues with the mattress, its quality, or its safety. When looking at new mattresses it is important to look for one that offers at least a few month’s worths of warranty or guarantee. You need some sort of protection in place when buying something, so always check if a warranty or guarantee comes with the mattress you are looking at, and do not be afraid to ask questions to establish if it is the right choice for you and your home.

Sleeping Position

Do you take up the bed like a starfish or are you laid out thin like an ironing board? How you lie and the position that you sleep in will help determine what type of mattress you should go for. Some beds even have half and half solutions, for example, half of the mattress is soft and squishy and the other side is more rigid and hard. These types of mattresses are ideal for those who share a bed but that sleep in completely different positions and angles. If you are not sure what sleeping position you sleep in then try recording yourself and filming the results over a few nights.

Final Decision

Ultimately a mattress has to be comfortable and easy for you to sleep on as if it is not you will not get a restful nights sleep and your next day will be ruined as a result. Do not rush a decision to purchase a mattress instead take your time to weigh up all of the available options. Once you have weighed up your options it is time to narrow down your selection by making a pros and cons list. A list will clearly and easily help you see which mattresses are right for you and your body.

Getting a good night’s sleep can and will affect your mood, your levels of concentration and your energy levels so making the right decision, no matter how long it takes is very important.