Suspecting Parasite Invasion? Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts

Parasite Invasion

Have I caught the parasite? This is one of the scariest doubts if you don’t feel well while you are on a travel or living an adventure out in the wild. The worst part is not being able to visit a doctor soon enough. If you are deeply into a trekking area or a mountain range, unless you have medical help at hand, the probability of a parasitic invasion is going to drive you crazy.

If you are among the lucky people who have trained doctors nearby, then it is better not to waste time. Get rid of the tension and ease your worries as soon as possible. There are chances that your symptoms may just be due to the common flu or stomach upset. 

If you haven’t been able to visit a doctor, you can always conduct a self-examination by evaluating what you have been up to the previous days. There is no reason to panic, even if you do think that your body has been infected.  There is always a cure for parasites that are detected well in advance. Keep your mind positive and strong. Try to find out if the parasites have reached out and started living within your body. So how do you know for sure? 

Monitor your Symptoms 

Your symptoms may not show all at once. Be aware of the changes in your bowel movements and take note of how you are feeling throughout the day. If you are constantly feeling low coupled with digestion issues, then don’t hesitate to visit your doctor. You can check out the article to understand the symptoms and other details better.  Stay aware and understand your body.

Confirm the Suspicion with a Stool Test

Your doctor will suggest a stool test if he too suspects a parasite invasion. Do it without fail and get the report on time. Make sure you do not cause a delay in sharing this report with the doctor. The earlier the treatment begins, the faster you can recover.

Take proper Medications

Never try out self-medication. Every parasite will not react or respond the same to all medicines. The stool test will reveal what kind of infection you have. The medicines should be administered as per that result. What worked before does not have to cure you every time. So make sure you follow the doctor’s advice strictly.

Eat Smart and Healthy to chase away the Parasites

There are certain categories of food that scares the death away from parasites. These microbial irritants cannot survive in an atmosphere filled with certain substances. So make it a point to include either one of these in your daily diet. It is well known that parasites suck the life out of their host without any considerations, So when you include the following foods in your diet, you are near to achieving victory over these unwanted guests.

  • Garlic:  Garlic contains Allicin which is activated when you chop it up or chew it. This is bad news for parasites. As a home remedy, you can chop a bulb of garlic and pop it in your mouth to give you relief from parasites.
  • Oregano and its oil:  Now you have a magic worker. Oregano oil is full of health benefits. It is a magic ingredient loaded with antioxidants, antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.  See how important it is to include oregano oil in your diet? 
  • Coconut oil:  The saturated fats in coconut oil aids in getting rid of parasites. Coconut Oil is very healthy and has natural properties to cure many ailments and give you glowing skin as well.
  • Papaya seeds:  Papaya seeds when taken on an empty stomach works wonders in driving away from the parasites. It would be a good idea to blend them into a smoothie as otherwise, you may not like the taste. Also, remember to have them in small quantities.

Is there any Food Category that Encourages the Growth of Parasites?

Yes, there is. You have to avoid certain categories of food when you are planning to clear parasites out of your body. These horrible creatures live on all they can absorb from your body. However, the following kinds of food keep them so happy that they decide to stay on forever without any signs of saying Goodbye. Now, that is something we certainly do not want. So avoid the below-mentioned foods to keep your body free and fit.


You need to avoid carbs of all sorts. It is advised to reduce the intake of sugar, as parasites love sugar and thrive on it. They can stay for years happily once they find that your body is a source of sweet foods and carb-rich products. You are practically extending their unwanted visit by taking in sugary delights.


Bad news for coffee lovers. Coffee creates an acidic environment that happens to be perfect for parasites. If you can’t avoid it altogether, try reducing the frequency. Limit your intake to 2 cups a day till you get a clear signal from your doctor. 


It is said that milk is a complete food on its own. It contains all the nutrients that an organism requires to grow and stay healthy. Dairy products are also capable of creating an acidic environment within. While the lactic acid bacteria present in Dairy products have many benefits to humans, it also paves the way for the nourishment of parasites. So avoid dairy products for a short time while you are on treatment for infections.


If you want to be free of parasites, then your alcoholic consumption needs to be controlled.   The drug often prescribed to get rid of parasites is Metronidazole. This is released into the bloodstream and the major part of the processing is done in the liver. Guess which organ has the additional burden of cleaning the body of the alcohol you drink? Yes, the liver again. Give your liver a break and let it do the right job of taking care of the drug the doctor has given you.

What is the next step?

You have been through so much and now you feel that your body deserves a long break. You need to rest properly and cultivate a healthy style of living. This involves keeping your mind and body healthy, fit and toxin-free. After a parasitic infection round, one of the best options you have to clear away any unwanted toxins or remains from your body is to undertake a complete detox program. Lots of people talk about detoxing the mind, some claim to follow detox diets and so much more discussions occur on this topic. Today let’s find out what detox means.  

Detox is a complete withdrawal from junk food to cleanse your body. You cannot do it all of a sudden. The body needs time to adjust to the changes you are going to bring. So give your body time and start by including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Then gradually learn to do intermittent fasting that will reduce the load of the digestive system. 

You need not wait to catch the infection to start consuming healthy foods Make it a practice and increase your body’s resistance. Strengthen your immune system with clean eating and regular exercise.

During all this, make sure to feed your mind positive aspirations. Nothing can be achieved unless your mind is ready to take the challenge. Be a positive, happy and powerful being who is ready to detox completely.

Your mind is a powerful tool. It will guide you in the right direction and convince you that the treatment is completely effective. So feed your body and mind with a clean diet to win the battle against parasites!

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