Sailing Northern Seas vs Sailing Southern Seas [Best Guide-2019]

We are used to our sedentary lifestyles. It has its repercussions on our physical health, but worst of all, there is a lack of excitement in our lives. The body can endure many things, but dull life has more dire effects. Although there aren’t any lands that haven’t been yet unexplored, sailing remains an exciting activity. You won’t discover any new civilizations, but the journey itself can be fascinating. 

Okay, so if you have concluded that you are brave enough to go sailing, you will need to decide where to go. Water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, which means that you have a lot to choose from. This article will hopefully help you decide your ideal sailing destination.

The Baltic Sea

If you enjoy laying around while the sun’s rays slowly scorch your body, then the Baltic Sea may not suit your preferences. If you feel that your life is too monotonous, it should be your first choice. Although its weather is not the friendliest you can find, you won’t have to struggle for your life. The Baltic sea offers a variety of attractions.

If you would rather keep it as simple as possible, then you might be better-off sailing near the coast of Germany or Poland. Rostock, Stettin or Gdansk are huge cities that offer a variety of attractions, no matter the season. 

If you want something more challenging and wild, then you might enjoy the northernmost parts of the Baltic Sea. The coast there is sparsely populated, making it an exceptional place if you want to spend some time away from people. 

The North Sea

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a Viking? I’m not speaking about the killing-and-raiding part, but rather about sailing along the majestic cliffs along the Norwegian coast, without an ounce of fear in your heart. Truth be told, it is better not to be too bold, as sailing in the North Sea requires some prior experience. Chances are, you won’t be battling a white whale, but you may come across a humpback or minke whale. Only a sea rich in fish could allow the survival of those beasts. It means that if you are a fan of fishing, it should be your go-to spot. 

On the downside, the weather here can be treacherous. You’ll have to expect the unexpected and take the weather forecasts with a grain of salt. If you think that life challenges you too much, then you should choose some warmer sailing destination instead.

The Adriatic Sea

If you are not big on having to fight for your survival in the adverse weather of the seas of northern Europe, yacht charter in Croatia might be a better option. The weather here isn’t as capricious, and the temperature is significantly warmer. If you are interested in history, you’ll have a chance to see the fortifications erected during the times of the Roman Empire, that litter the coastline of Croatia. 

There are 1244 islands along the coast of Croatia. If you feel intimidated by this number, you may check out coastal cities of Italy that will provide you with a safe haven if you just want to rest. Italian cuisine will make your stay much more enjoyable. Just don’t ask for more ketchup in your spaghetti.

 The Aegean Sea

If you are not impressed by Croatia’s 1244 islands, then you might prefer to check out Greece. There are 6000 islands there. The vast majority of them are uninhabited, which means that you and your friends can find a place that is both scorching hot and free of tourists. Depending on the season, this task can be either doable or impossible. Keep in mind that Greece is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world.

Apart from stunning nature, Greece is called the cradle of Western Civilization. You’ll find here stunning temples that have survived millennia and ancient theaters in which Greek playwrights created works that are famous to this day. Once you get tired of touring, you can try Greek cuisine. Apart from being delicious, it is a cause of the Greeks’ longevity. 

Which one to choose?

There is not one sea that will be perfect for everyone. Some people need to break the monotony of their work by putting themselves in dangerous conditions. Northern seas will be perfect for fulfilling this need. The challenges they pose though can be too much for an inexperienced beginner.

On the other hand, if you feel like your job is too stressful and you would rather relax in a place that won’t test your skills, then choosing a southern sea might be a better option. The abundance of sunlight will help you see the positive side of life once again.

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