Planning The Perfectly Intimate Wedding

While some dream of an exceptionally large traditional white wedding, others are not entirely keen on the idea of hosting such a large event for several logical reasons. When considering just how delicate and special intimate weddings can be, sharing the monumental day in a more private manner makes perfect sense.

However, when it comes to planning an intimate wedding, the details can seem as overwhelming as planning an upscaled traditional wedding. 

Most couples after an intimate wedding hope to boast extravagant smaller details that exceed the elements of a regular backyard wedding setting. Therefore, here’s what you should consider when planning your unique and intimate wedding.

Unusual Catering And Beverage Choices

Catering and including a bar at an intimate wedding could generally be less stressful than attempting to plan for hundreds of guests, which is why you should focus on methods of ensuring your choices are unique and enjoyable. Some couples opt for decadent home-cooked catering choices as the guest list won’t overwhelm the efforts.

In addition to this, when it comes to planning the beverages, you could consider unique craft beers with the help of useful tips from a microbrewery. However, you should be sure to include other beverage choices in your menu as craft beers and homebrews are not everyone’s preferred choice. 

Creating A Memorable Guest Experience

The theme of your wedding and all the decor details that you incorporate will set the tone for the guest experience. When it comes to smaller weddings, the guest experience is usually amplified as each guest will generally feel far more welcomed rather than a number in a sea of guests.

Certain details such as the table setting and personalized wedding favors will have a massive impact on the impression your select guests receive.

Because you won’t be planning for hundreds of guests, you will be able to set aside ample time towards finer details when it comes to selecting a memorable theme. You should consider details such as flowers, lighting, seating, and music choice to set the tone for the event.

Breaking Traditions And Bending The ‘Rules’

Another common reason why so many couples opt for smaller, more intimate weddings is that they will be able to break away from the traditional wedding norms. Rather than planning your wedding according to traditional expectations, you will be able to bend the rules and plan according to your preferences.

Therefore, your reception can be as casual and private as you want. Most of the appeal of an intimate wedding is that there are hardly any notable rules. Countless couples have been captured tying the knot without shoes, or in a coffee shop.

Ultimately, your intimate wedding should incorporate personal details of your lives together such as unique interests or a common favorite place. You won’t have to opt for traditional wedding settings either as intimate weddings can be planned absolutely anywhere from your backyard to the nearest beach, or even the park. Choosing the location and the details of your wedding will be far less stressful without the weight of expected traditions.

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