How to Bypass Activation Lock in 2019 for Locked iPhone [Complete Guide]

The security and privacy aspect has been at the center of the technology revolution. The concerns have diverted the attention of the revolutionary phase to evolutionary growth. People are more concerned about how technology would ensure privacy rights. Mobile computing has changed the dynamics of computing.

Our mobiles have synchronized the data. One malicious link or one device exposed would cause irreparable damage to our online security. The threat of online identity theft is imminent than ever.

What would you do to take precautionary measures to maintain privacy at your end? People turning to the iPhone should have relevant information on how to bypass the activation lock. There are some things they need to learn before switching to the iPhone. These steps are necessary considering the security, privacy of your account. 

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Why do We Need to Bypass the Activation Lock and What Purpose It Serves?

The concept behind the activation lock is the kind of feature we’ve been asking in other areas related to online security. It stops any intrusion or uninvited presence of people in the wake of theft or stolen case. The phone shuts itself down in case of an emergency. It becomes a matter of unpleasant hassle when the owner doesn’t remember the account-specific information and struggle against it. What if you don’t recognize the email id or password associated with the account?

The situation soon turns awkward as you’re the owner and the system doesn’t authorize you to have access to the phone. You may question the rationality and appear to be losing control in a matter of seconds. The objective is to allow the authorized person to have access or else the device gets locked.

In cases where people have purchased second-hand iPhones, they may find things a bit complicated at first. You need to either pay for the services to unlock the code or send the phone to the service center. It sounds bizarre. Doesn’t it? 

How to Stay away from the Scams of Free Activation Lock Deletion Sites?

Almost every single website out there claims to unlock the iPhone. The list of scammers continues to grow as the popularity of the iPhone is catching up with the masses. You should try different software to check which one works with your device. Sometimes, the updates or settings disallow some software to function effectively. 

You need to follow the instructions, as mentioned. 

  • Download the selected software on your computer and connect your phone to it.
  • A message will appear on the screen: Unlock Apple ID
  • You need to click on the “Start Unlock”, and begin the process.

You don’t have to lose heart or hope in case if it doesn’t work out. It needs to keep on trying all the options to see which one works for you. 

Ask the owner to assist to set-up the account

Before we move our focus to the paid assistance or free software, you can always ask the seller to help you set-up the account. The seller needs to remove its access and assist you set-up the account. The simpler it sounds, difficult it is.

Finding the owner is not an easy task. Considering people have either bought it from a store which means they have to find the person or seller bought it from someone else in some cases. We thought it was easier to find the real owner, but it seems trying free software or paying professional experts a better option. 

Try DNS and Custom Port Method 

You can save money, time and perform iCloud unlock without possessing technical skills. 

  1. You should restart the phone and select the preferred location and language. 
  2. Connect to the WiFi in the next step.
  3. The system will redirect to the iCloud Activation screen. You’ll be asked to enter the account details (Old account). (You need to pay close attention and follow the steps carefully).
  4.  Press the ‘Home button’. You’ll find three options on the screen. These three options are an emergency call, start over and WiFi settings.
  5. Click on the WiFi settings and select your WiFi option. 
  6. You need to click on the (i) icon to open the WiFi settings. 
  7. You’ll see “Configure Proxy” as one of several options. Click on it and check ‘Manual’ in place of ‘Automatic’. 
  8. 8. You’d have three more options again, and these are the server, port, authentication. 
  9. You need to select the server as an option. (You need to do as asked in the following steps, till the end). 
  10. When you select the server option, you need to add- and add port: 809082230.
  11. You need to authenticate the last step (No.10). As a part of the process, the system would ask for a username and password.
  12. Username: admin:apple:icloud: us and password: ::Admin:uS:icloud8989 and save the information (Top right side).
  13. Click on the iCloud Activation screen and feed the information: both as email id and password. The system will show an error. We request you to ignore and continue tapping it a few times. 
  14. You need to click on the ‘Home screen’ and press ‘Start again’. 
  15. 15. You’ll be on the start menu screen again. As asked earlier, you need to choose the location and language. 
  16. The system redirects to the activation screen. It’ll take more time than usual due to the personalized DNS.
  17. You need to feed the information: in the email id and password section once the screen is loaded. 
  18. Save the information for a couple of times. Another screen entitled ‘Data and Privacy’ appears in the next phase. You need to press the continue button now.

You need to follow the instructions shown on the screen and set-up your account. 

How to Select the Best Professional Services?

First-time iPhone users need to research to find the right professional services. There are a lot of service providers claiming to bypass activation lock for a nominal fee. Can you trust them? You have to make a beginning from somewhere, someone. Industry experts have lined-up the top service providers keeping customer satisfaction, assurance, brand reputation, and price into account.

The top four contenders are Apple iPhone Unlock, iDevicetool, Minacriss, and Doctor Unlock. You can go ahead and analyze the package offered by each one of them. There’s another option. You can do some homework and find out the best professional services in the local market. You can save some money by asking for recommendations, read online reviews and visit them in person.

 Free software has an advantage. You have got the assurance of using a service trusted by people. There is no risk involved. What if nothing works? You should try paid services to stop wasting time and effort. You don’t have to spend too much time thinking, selecting the service provider. We need to check the price factor and delivery time.

On the subject of how to bypass the activation lock, your best option is to try free software first and then move onto paid services. Online security is a sensitive topic. We cannot expect it to work, keeping personal interests and convenience in mind. The system wouldn’t allow access in the case of failure of verifying the details. Isn’t it what we wanted?

We expect the system to stop the privacy invasion, intrusion. We need to ensure we follow the right channels to play our part with integrity, and with ethics.

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