How old was Tony Warren when he died as The Road To Coronation Street aired?

Tony Warren

Tony Warren was an English Television screenwriter who died on 1st March in the year 2016. He was just 79 years old when he died of a short illness. 

He was a man who brought life to the daily soap operas by giving his soul, dedication, and willingness. It was he who ran the longest television soaps. Tony Warren is the best known for creating the soap opera known as Coronation Street. He acted in many radio plays with several other actors and was a regular at BBC Radio Children’s hour. 

Warren’s first 13 episodes script in a show was about ‘a street out there’ that later became famous; as such he continued to write later too for it and was aired by the ITV movies. 

About Warren’s Early life:

Tony Warren was born in Pendlebury, Lancashire. He was a trainer at the Elliott Clarke theatre school in Liverpool. He has always been an excitable young teenager during his rehearsals. 

In his early life, Warren used to act in ITV plays of the week. He has penned down four different novels namely-

  • The light of Manchester in the year 1991
  • The foot of the rainbow in 1993
  • Behind closed doors in 1995
  • Full Steam Ahead in 1998

In his early life, on the sets of the coronation street, he has openly admitted about him being gay after being homophobic in his early age. Warren was a drug and an alcohol addict for which he even visited the rehab centers. 

One of the best shows created by Tony Warren is Coronation Street which was aired by the ITV movies. Warren was just 24 years old when he came up with an idea of this show. Little did he know, it would become worldwide famous.

Originally, it was broadcasted just 2 times a week but later it aired six times a week. Due to COVID-19, it’s production was suspended as such only three episodes were streamed. The show was known for its strong female characters which were cast by Tony Warren like it’s all other initial characters. 

The show is known for its light-hearted humor, a working-class community, and much more. The show has had over 10,000 episodes and its 10000th episode was aired on 7th February 2020.

This show has been successful enough to place itself as the second most award-winning British soap operas. 

Warren won a special achievement award in Soap at the British soap awards in the year 2000. Not just this, he also won the trophy for the National Television Landmark Award in the year 2005. He was honored with the Lifetime Achievement award at the Royal Television Society awards. 

Warren left a legacy behind after his death at the age of just 79 years. He is forever remembered for his excellent writings in his shows. His work is appreciated until today and will continue to do so in the upcoming ages.

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