4 Apps That Are Absolutely Essential If You Have A Windows 10 PC

Since the inception of Windows 10, the latest upgrade from Microsoft, millions of people around the globe have installed and used the very popular Operating System.

Naturally, for these millions of users, there have to be certain user friendly, interactive, and beautifully designed applications that make the user’s time with Windows more productive, efficient, and overall enjoyable.

There’s one little problem though. Like the millions of users out there, there are also millions of apps, and another million of their alternatives, and it’s hard to choose which app to install. The result? A heap of bloatware on your computer that you probably won’t ever use.

Hence, we’re here to make your job easy for you – in this article, we’re going to take a look at some apps like the best calendar app for windows, the best patcher, the best antivirus, and much more. So keep reading to find out. 


Ninite is one of the best apps as it can provide the user with any application it wants on a single click. It will download the latest version of the application you want in an instant. Ninite is programmed in a way where it can adapt to 87 different types of programs on windows.

The best thing about Ninite is that it is all just a single click away like there are no nags or even charge for you to download such the application. It is fast and also at the same time safe and secure. 


Wushowhide is mainly used as a tool to handle all types of bad patches available in the Win10 software. Win10 can handle all the patches available in Microsoft. But the problem is the patch tends to appear even in this latest version of the update. The main issue with this is that this patch comes, again and again, every time the user is entitled to log out or log in.

The good thing is that as long as all of these patches work nothing will be a problem but even if once the patches tend to vary it will cause a huge problem to the system. 

Wushowhide is designed in a way to operate on all sorts of problems and shows you the update which you want and hides the one which is unnecessary. Through this application, you might be able to deal with all of the patch problems in the latest Win10 update.

File History 

Many of the users do not know that through the have the option of keeping all foo the incremental or even the accessible copies of all fop their important files with just some clicks of utility from windows. Once you switch to enable mode, Windows will start taking snapshots of all of these files, giving you the freedom to switch to older versions of the apps.

For this to happen you might need a second hardware drive which can be either internal or external or even an online one that is capable of having enough free space for the system to update and access all of the files which are needed.

Note: Make sure that you have kept the app in the “back up using file history” as only that will give you complete access to it. When you have done that it will give you an option called “automatically back up my files” that will appear after the first run. Then you can use the app freely afterward.   

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SyncGo Desktop Calendar 

There is an app that can help you to sync your calendar on google to that of your windows as well. This is mainly useful for those who have a problem who use systems most of the time but since they forget the dates of important meetings that are stored only in their smartphones.

The SyncGo Desktop Calendar application is safe and also secure from many other problems and keeps your data on the check and notifies you on the time. The cost of this app is low but the performance which they offer is good. They also take your feedback through which if you have any problem with the app they guide you and also improve it on the next update.

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