Games For The Rich [The Complete Guide]

No matter how much to talk about the perniciousness of gambling, it has been walking side by side with a human throughout his history. Psychologists are inclined to explain this by comparing excitement with drug addiction. 

However, it is hardly possible to talk about the seriousness of such a problem, because the number of pathologically suffering players from craving for excitement is calculated in units. Rather, the popularity of the casino is due to the desire of a person to leave the gray routine in a world where he is able to learn new sensations. 

Any sane person easily separates leisure in a casino from everyday life and successfully combines excitement and career. It is also worth noting that these are not only games for the rich because people of all classes and wealth are equally subject to the excitement.

Particularly zealous moralists emphasize in their discourse on the viciousness of the game of money, arguing that such entertainment is unworthy of a decent person. After all, if we turn to history, it is easy to notice that many worthy people, whose names are still pronounced with reverence, have fond of gambling.

Games For The Rich

If modern politicians who often visit casinos prefer to keep silent about this so as not to harm their careers, then the stars of sports, pop music and movies are not shy of their hobbies with gambling. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck – these are just a few ardent fans of casino games from the representatives of the Hollywood elite. 

Often, gambling for rich and luxury people is the last chance to experience strong shocks. An excitement is capable, regardless of the size of bets, to affect pride, arouse the spirit of rivalry, the desire to win and add a touch of adventurism to the elite, but a boring lifestyle.

Tobey Maguire. In his movie career of Spider-Man, It’s difficult to get rid of for years the sticky image of a superhero with a web. Although Toby is a very versatile actor and person. According to various sources, his total profit is from 10 to 30 million in US currency. It’s being said that he even used not the strongest one player – Leonardo DiCaprio to lure big fish into the game and win some huge banks.

Toby participated in the WSOP Main Event several times and in once ended up in the Top 300, earning $ 39,445.

Andrey Shevchenko. World fame helped him to sign an advertising contract with PokerStars. “In poker, as in football, you need to use a strategy and have good playing skills. To play poker well, you need to learn many disciplines – psychology, tactics and others, ”- quote from Shevchenko.

Under the contract with PS, the owner of the Golden Ball organized a tournament, the winners of which could play with Andrei at the same table. Several times, Sheva participated in the charity EPT Charity Challenge along with Ronaldo, Daniel Negreanu, and Rafael Nadal.

Gerard Pique. The world champion, Barcelona defender and husband Shakira charges with love to poker his partners in Barca and Spanish national team. Gerard participated in the WSOP and EPT, where he repeatedly got the prizes. And in August of this year, he had the largest career gain. He took 5th place in the PokerStars Championship High Roller Tournament and earned €129,350. And the amount of his poker fees has already exceeded $300,000


Unfortunately, in modern society, under the pressure of PR campaigns and due to the disorder of the gambling business, a negative attitude towards gambling has developed. For this reason, many famous and rich people cannot afford to visit casinos, even if they are located outside the country. 

However, you can keep your hobby completely confidential with the help of elite online casinos like King Billy free pokies in Australia, Canada or the US that provide the most complete range of services to VIP players. They can play favorite games with maximum comfort and in a comfortable atmosphere.

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