Cruises Out of US Ports to be Suspended until September 15

The members of the CLIA that is the Cruise Lines International Association have announced that they will have to voluntarily suspend shipping operations which take out exports from USA ports. They will be voluntarily blocking all the shipping operations from the 15th of September this year. This statement has been supported by the Cruise Lines International Association that is CLIA. 

The Cruise Lines International Association or the CLIA has members from many organizations including the Royal Caribbean, the Carnival, and the Norwegian Cruise lines. Earlier, the CDC had announced a suspension of cruises from the US ports till 24th July.

According to the reports of the international media channel CNBC also, the suspension of cruises out of the Ports of the United States of America was earlier only till July 24th. This has further been extended from 24th July to 15th September. Earlier, the Carnival Cruise Lines wanted to start resuming their shipping operations as well as exports from 1st August. 

The Cruise Lines International Association or the CLIA also states that they wanted to start resuming all their shipping as well as export services even before that, but unfortunately but they did not get clearance from the US port authorities.

They have also said that no absolute clarity can be given whether they will be able to resume their services after September 15th also. This is because the United States of America has still not made enough progress to tamper down the spread and containment of the Covid-19 infections.


Thus, the cruise industry along with the shipping and export industry has been hit very harshly amidst the Coronavirus situation. According to the sources, the Cruises out of the US ports are suspended until September 15th.

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