Coffee at your Office- [A Real Office Story]

Chilly grey Monday morning and you’re on your way to the office. The melting laziness of Sunday is still following you making you feel a bit hungover. To add the troubles, you overslept. Instead of getting the first cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop around the corner, you had to run to catch the last appropriate bus to make up for the delay. It’s fine — you think, waking up can wait. I’ll have coffee at work.

At last! The office kitchen!

The coffee jar — empty. Your heart just skipped a beat.

The cupboard — EMPTY, AS WELL!

Unacceptable! No one put the coffee on the office shopping list. The worst Monday morning scenario is on.

Doesn’t this awful drama make you realize what a significant role in your office life coffee plays? It’s not even all about the caffeine. The smell of grounded coffee beans and the warm steam coming up off your mug just put you right into the working mood!

You don’t even realize what massive amounts of this black gold you and your team consume during one week. One office employee drinks on average 4 cups of coffee a day (to tell you the truth, our team’s coffee consumption is far above the average!).

The mass consumption of any product has a noticeable impact on the environment. Happily, it depends on us only, what source of coffee we choose. Thanks to the thorough research done by HotShot Coffee Sleeves we can present your tips on how to make your coffee consumption environmentally and socially responsible.

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